Accomodating 6

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Accomodating 6

Each unit on this site is individually owned with different décor, amenities, bedding configurations, and quality level.He may like golfing on weekends while she may want him around for family time, for example.

The owners and staff at the Orchid Gardens do everything that they can to make your stay special. The grounds have signed walking trails to familiarize you with the local flora.

Their full course meals are prepared and served to perfection.

"Usually, they're afraid it could make a fight or some unpleasantness, or they just think somehow, on a subconscious level, in order to preserve the relationship, they have to diminish what they themselves want," she says.

The sense of helplessness leads to anger that eventually boils over, she says. Express your concerns rationally, whether about housework or parenting duties, or about not getting enough time with your husband or for yourself.

Some wives are too willing to give up on what they want, says Susan Heitler, Ph D.

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She is a Denver-based clinical psychologist and author of Power of Two, a marriage skills-building course.