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Alex Fong Lik Sun and Stephy Tang Lai Yun have been together for ten years and rumored to have secretly wed many times, finally they did not announce "wedding news" but "break up news" instead!Yesterday Siu Fong and Stephy through Sun Entertainment Culture company issued their "break up statement" that rocked the city.Stephy remained very protective of Siu Fong as she only blamed fate. I wasn't fortunate enough to be with him until we are old and gray, I can only blame fate.

They asked the outside not to make other speculation to harm either one of them.In the afternoon Stephy on social media explained the reason for the break up and said that it was a very solemn decision.They did not have any third party, did not do anything to harm the other.For ten years they worked hard toward the same direction on the same road, but gradually their pace differed as they were looking at their own scenery.Several hours later Stephy on social media "appeared" and posted that the break up did not involved any third party, she did not do anything to harm him.

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For "destroying the fairy tale" in everyone's eyes, Stephy said, "Sorry to disappoint everyone." Yesterday they through their company issued a statement to end their relationship as a couple.

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