Are turtle and jamie lynn dating still

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Are turtle and jamie lynn dating still

As for Dykstra, he's the son of former Mets star (incidentally, recently sentenced to three years in prison for grand theft auto) Lenny Dykstra.The rule of thumb for interviewing is to do your homework, but ABC anchor Dan Harris' dog clearly ate his assignment notes for his sit-down with Jamie-Lynn Sigler.Sigler's pilot, incidentally, is the Jimmy Fallon-produced .She was previously linked to her entourage costar Jerry Ferrara and (someone likes the athletic type) New York Jet Mark Sanchez. , which was first to cotton on to the coupling, the Los Angeles-based actress met the East Coast player through mutual friends Nick Swisher, who plays for the New York Yankees, and his actress-wife, Joanna Garcia.Dykstra's response was swift."@Jamie LSigler had an amazing time with you, I miss you so much. Have a safe flight and kick ass on the pilot, so happy for you," he wrote.He is the only one of the main characters who is not directly involved with the acting business.

While casually interviewing Sigler — who is Jerry Ferrara's girlfriend in real life and plays his character's girlfriend on star relationship status, asked Sigler if she thinks "beautiful women do or would date fat dudes." Check out photos of Sigler and Ferrara on the red carpet Sigler, a good sport, cracks up at the question, causing Harris to follow suit.

She tells him her boyfriend is not fat, and Harris remains clueless.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler seems to really enjoy the company of her boyfriend Jerry Ferrara both on and off-screen!

Those of you who watch Entourage know that Jerry's character Turtle is dating Jamie-Lynn on the show as well and it does get a little confusing since Jamie plays herself!

When Sigler finally tells him she and Ferrara are together, all Harris can say is, "Wow, I really stepped in it." He later apologized to both.

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Salvatore "Turtle" Assante, (Born August 6,1977) is a childhood friend of Vincent Chase's from Queens.