Ashley greene is dating kellan lutz

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Ashley greene is dating kellan lutz

Full Story There’s a new Twilight movie coming out in a month. Full Story Personal feelings aside, she needs a proper stylist.

Just today I received an email from a friend about it (Relax, I’m not outing you, you can read the rest of the article without panicking) and she was wondering if she should go to see it at one of those theatres that will play all 3 preceding movies before the new one. There’s no reason a girl this pretty with a body this tight is so often so poorly dressed on a carpet.

Or does she just, like, have genetically bad taste... Full Story Earlier this week, Jessica Biel was spotted on the back of Gerard Butler’s ride, like model shots with their hair blowing in the wind, prompting speculation that they’ve become a thing.

Like, I know I’m criminally late on this but, um, what’s up with the low ratings? Full Story Ashley Greene, whose acting was almost worse than Kellan Lutz’s in Twilight 4, has been dating Broadway Spider-Man Reeve Carney for a few months now. That Ashley Greene, a third tier Twilight person, could be making him a successor to Joe Jonas? Full Story Olivia Wilde made her entrance at the Vitamin Water pre-gala cocktail for Butter last night as I was shoving my face into all the neglected food.

After four years, four movies and more than 100 million book copies sold, the pale and sexy vampire phenomenon called “Twilight” comes to an end this week with the release of the franchise’s fifth and final film installment, “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.” For the uninitiated (perhaps you are a vampire yourself), “Twilight” is the story of a teenage girl name Bella Swan (played on film by Kristen Stewart), who moves to the sleepy town of Forks, Washington, where she falls in love with a 104-year-old teen vampire named Edward Cullen (portrayed by Robert Pattinson).

Anyway, happily, despite my newfound love for Veronica Mars, amazingly I’ve also still been able to retain my disdain for Kristen Bell in real life.

Perhaps it was a Christmas compromise then last night in New York at the Rockefeller tree lighting ceremony. When she stepped out in this white dress, the last to arrive, fully aware that she was totally hijacking the attention.

Full Story Yesterday it was reported that Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas had broken up.

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Conveniently, just a few hours after the news went wide, Greene was papped in New York, in green for the occasion, with her dad, and oh look, shocking, she’s also with Jared Followill, to whom she’s been linked before, and apparently they’re making out again now that she’s done holding hands with a Vagina Virgin.