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Audacesdating com

It is the motto of the ship USNS Carl Brashear (T-AKE-7), named after US Navy Master Diver Carl Brashear and appears on the ship's insignia.

The motto Fortuna Audaces Juvat was used by the Clevland family of Tapeley Park, Westleigh, Devon, in the 18th and 19th centuries, as seen with their armorials on several of the family's mural monuments in Westleigh Church.

"Fortune favours the bold", "Fortune favours the brave", "Fortune helps the brave", and "Fortune favours the strong" are common translations of a Latin proverb.

The slogan has been used historically in the military in the Anglosaxon world.

Tyrone Power is a pilots' pilot, but he doesn't believe in anything beyond his own abilities.

He gets into trouble by flying a new fighter directly to Canada instead of to New York and ...

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Whole communities found themselves victimized by an ever-growing ogre - the Iron Horse.

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