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After the 2014 Supreme Court decision against Aereo, and its business model of capturing over-the-air television and retransmitting it over the internet, disputes have intensified over other internet television services; prominent examples are Aereokiller, Dish Network and TVEyes.

The Ozarks, long known for a system of underground rivers and caves, proved too much for man-made technology. We considered F5 tornados, bomb blasts and termites, not sink holes,” said construction manager Beau Jonsings. We were dealing with a number of issues with the structure.

In addition to these and other headline-grabbing first impression cases, there is also a large volume of more traditional copyright work that keeps practices busy.

The 72,000-square foot work-in-progress was to be the future home of a software entrepreneur and was started nearly two years ago and with construction slated to be completed by late 2013.

The energy efficient, state-of-the-art, disaster-proof mansion made of concrete was projected to be the fourth largest home in America.

Earthworms had softened the soil on the east side encouraging collapse and the master bedroom had a leak, which once the water came into the concrete room had no place to escape.

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