Brandy and max dating 2016

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But he also pokes fun at Lyrica’s mother, who is also overbearing in her own right.Ray J is glad to have put the drama that a prenuptial agreement would bring behind himself and Princess, but trouble in paradise continues to brew on her part.The news takes Princess by surprise and the fact that Brandi would go behind Max’s back leaves her shocked.She also reveals that she has used Princess as an alibi to cover up her big secret.This catches Princess by surprise because she wants nothing to do with the situation.Lyrica and A-1, a talented couple with an impressive resume as creatives, are introduced as the newest cast members of the show.However, his girl is fed up with his mistakes and alleged infidelity.

Brandi meets with Princess to spill the beans about spending the money that her husband Max had told her to put into a trust fund for the couple’s children.She gives Ray J a rundown of an interview Moniece did bashing her and Ray J.last week, Shanda is feeling disillusioned following her run-in with his other woman, Kyesha.Willie maintains that his communication with Kyesha was strictly text messages and that Shanda has nothing to worry about concerning the stability of their relationship.A-1’s mother has moved to Hollywood with her son, but has extended her stay, causing Lyrica to air her grievances about their lack of privacy.

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