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Misfile by Chris Hazelton is a webcomic which updates every weekday (Mon-Fri).

It chronicles the story of Ash Upton and Emily Mc Arthur who, after a universal filing error in the Celestial Filing Depository, find that their lives are very different than they were the day prior.

You'd think that a comic with the name "6 Gun Mage" would be about that, but it's not.

6 Gun Mage was in the to-be-reviewed section of the BWW forum. Let me give you my first few notes on this comic, so that you may adequately understand exactly where I found the downfall to be.

It was pointed out by someone else, later in this review, that the term "6 Gun" is another way to say "revolver." Gotta keep that shit original. The basic concept is that they center their magic around the use of guns to do things like manipulate bullet trajectory and locate where people are hiding. However, they can only use flintlocks because their magic won't work otherwise.

And they aren't as good as full fledged mages, of which only maybe four have appeared, for about ten pages (it's implied that there are many more).

All we've seen so far is that everyone who isn't a gun mage (who are the most elite fighting forces as stated in the comic) can do things better than a gun mage.

And there are many kinds of firearm in this comic which are better than flintlocks.

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Kind of begs the question as to why gun mages exist in this comic at all, doesn't it, with them being so outmatched by other people and what-not? But the author doesn't have them do other shit, gun mages only seem to perform parlor tricks with bullets.

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