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Humans have been shagging for 200,000 years and study after study proves solo sex is a healthy forte.

But the ultimate hedonistic hobby remains officially taboo. Religion having cemented that sex is the only way to reproduce plays into its stigma, along with the necessity that procreation is life’s goal.

It’s not even an extra-curricular activity many people feel comfortable discussing with their mates.

When the Victorians uncovered what was left of Pompeii’s lost land in the late 1800s, erotic, orgy-tastic artworks were found hung in middle class family hallways, hinting that even life here was fully accepting of sexual activity of any kind.

Ancient civilisations pushed for sexual independence, freedom and exploration.

Wanking’s endless fantasy element also encourage the belief it’s a “selfish” and even dangerous act. Other than the fact the term “wanker” is supposed to an insult, negativity associated with a cheeky wank is heavily ingrained.

From a young age we’re punished for being sexual beings, and masturbation is taught as a forbidden activity, even though it’s a common thing for young people to do.


Not only is sexuality being repressed, but notions like violence aren’t treated with as much restriction.

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