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And when I say “funny” I mean “delightful schadenfreude.” According to an exclusive with The Hollywood Reporter, Chelsea Handler is going to finish up her contract with E! finally going hard on Chelsea and telling her to STFU about Angelina Jolie and to stop with all of the racist crap.(she has nine months left) and then she’s going to leave the network to pursue other opportunities. Of course, there she was on Oscar night, tweeting racist crap for Huff Po. finally sick of her vodka-soaked shenanigans or does Chelsea think she’s outgrown E!? channel when her contract expires at the end of the year, bringing a close to her Chelsea Lately talk show after eight years, according to her manager, Irving Azoff.1 on the New York Times best-seller list for more than a week.She is in the midst of a tour of more than 30 markets, “a massive piece of business” that also will include dates overseas, according to Geof Wills, president of Live Nation Comedy.The extent of interest in her in those quarters is not clear.“I don’t know if anybody’s going to pay her as much as E!

,” says a source at one company that has been contacted.Handler is said to be making about million a year while delivering average viewership of 572,000 a night — a decline from 839,000 in 2010.In this case, Azoff tells The Hollywood Reporter, “Chelsea intends to leave when her contract expires. We have at least seven suitors and many ideas.” He adds that plans for Handler could include a radio presence and a possible nightly or weekly late-night show on another network or digital service. spokesperson stated to THR: “Chelsea has nine months left on her contract and E!will not comment on the future of Chelsea Lately at this time.” Handler is said to feel that she is at the top of her game with a new book, Uganda be Kidding Me — her first to sit at No.She will shoot her first stand-up special at the Harris Theatre in Chicago in June to air on cable in October.

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Handler’s reps at CAA have been setting meetings with companies including Sony Television and Lionsgate as well as FX to discuss her future.

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