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Christian dating when to say i love you

But how do you know, when you’re falling in love with someone, whether he is the real deal?

The Bible is full of verses that describe what a Christian man should be like, verses that are helpful and trustworthy for a woman who is evaluating a potential husband.

The following are some guidelines based on those verses.

A Christian boyfriend should be Humble and teachable: The Bible tells us that a righteous man, or a wise man, will take instruction gladly, even when it hurts him (Psalm 141:5; Proverbs 9:9, ).

A Christian boyfriend should begin to exhibit this kind of care and love for his girlfriend long before marriage.

A righteous man evidences a willingness to be corrected by Scripture and a tendency to love and listen to those who can teach him from the Scripture. The Bible says that a righteous man is characterized by honesty in his personal and business dealings (Ephesians ).

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In addition, when he makes a promise, a Christian man keeps his promise, even when it hurts (Psalm 15:2-5).

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