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At the end of the course, students may be asked to either write a thesis or to construct a project as their graduation requirement. Looking at introduction agencies or dating agencies in London or beyond?This means that they conform to our code of practice.

In the first and second year of study students are obliged to take international examinations, prepared by the London Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Examinations Board, UK and The City & Guilds of London Institute.At semester 7, students are obliged to do internship programme at various industries, in Indonesia or overseas.Join an ABIA-registered dating agency and you can relax in the knowledge that they will adhere to the ABIA code of practice.Click on find an introduction agency to see details of all the dating agencies approved by the ABIA.Course programmes are designed for students to complete a 148-credit requirement over 8 semesters, in order to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications.

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Medium of instruction is in English and Bahasa Indonesia.

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