Consolidating finaces when marrying who is tabu dating

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They knew just six months into dating that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

“We also realized we didn’t want to merge our finances,” says Brian, 33, a school principal.

If one or both of you has money drama, co-mingling could backfire.“Our agreement is, unless one of us has expressed wanting to treat the other, we split it,” says Brian.How to Manage Money Separately Together Brian and Theresa adhere to a “modified roommate system,” where they record all shared expenses from rent to dining out on a spreadsheet.Brian usually pays for everything throughout the month and Theresa reviews the itemized list, checks for any errors and cuts Brian a check or transfers money to his account to cover her portion.Meanwhile, 27-year-old Theresa, an engineer, has been focusing on paying off student loans. Her auto debt repayment system is a tad “convoluted,” she explains, with multiple checking accounts tied to various student loan balances.

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“It’s complex because of the number of accounts I have and number of transactions I have to keep things moving smoothly,” she says.

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