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Consolidating unit investment trust

The brainchild of Tom Henderson, it’s a fund of funds that invests in both long-only and alternative funds.Discounts can oft be cited as a reason not to look at investment trusts.But they can provide an investor with the opportunity to buy assets for less than they’re worth, and if sentiment is against a particular area or sector that difference can be wider than average. This was an area that was out of favour with many in the first part of 2012 and discounts on European equity investment trusts widened out in the early months.

At the end of 2012 this had narrowed to just under 10%.Not only that, but the trust also performed better than its OEIC counterpart.That’s chicken-feed when compared with open-ended funds, which topped EUR 170 billion of inflows across Europe, but nonetheless it shows there is life in the sector yet.We saw only a few plain vanilla equity funds launched or raising assets—Black Rock North American (BRNA) and Diverse Income Trust (DIVI) being two exceptions; rather, it was the alternative asset funds that gained more interest—GCP Infrastructure (GCP) and Doric Nimrod (DNA).One fund that did capture a lot of attention was BACIT (Battle Against Cancer Investment Trust).

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