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Cultural affiliation dating

The earliest recorded western discussion of acculturation appears to be that of Plato in 348 BC.

More than 100 different taxonomies of acculturation have been formulated since then.

Anthropology is the comparative study of past and contemporary cultures, focusing on the ways of life, and customs of all peoples of the world.

This is referred to as "of applied anthropology is the belief that as anthropologists have acquired expertise on human problems and social change, and because they study, understand, and respect cultural values, they should be responsible for making policies affecting people.

refers to positive steps taken to increase the representation of minorities (racial, ethnic minorities and women in general) in areas of employment, education, and business from which they have been historically excluded.

See also This Dictionary of Cross-Cultural Terminology/Glossary of Intercultural Terminology consists of terms used in Cross-cultural studies, anthropology, cultural anthropology, social anthropology, and particularly business anthropology." in one's cultural identity.

It is also a stage of intercultural sensitivity, which may allow the person to function in a bicultural capacity.

Animistic religions generally do not accept a sharp distinction between spirit and matter.

The study of the human species and its immediate ancestors.

In this stage, a person is able to take the perspective of another culture and operate successfully within that culture.

The person should know enough about his or her own culture and a second culture to allow a mental shift into the value scheme of the other culture, and an evaluation of behaviour based on its norms, rather than the norms of the individual's culture of origin.

- is the belief that souls inhabit all or most objects.

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Animism attributes personalized souls to animals, vegetables, and minerals in a manner that the material object is also governed by the qualities which compose its particular soul.

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