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Falk says her proposed legislation is now being considered in 10 states; Kasem's bill has already been adopted in three — California, Iowa and Texas.

The two agree their efforts are getting notice because of their celebrity fathers, and have little problem with such an advantage.

When Kerri Kasem arrived to take her dying father to a hospital, her stepmother met her in the driveway — and hurled raw hamburger at her.S."Kasem and Falk are contacted regularly by people with horror stories to share, such as the Colorado woman who described her mother's common-law husband as an abusive alcoholic who prevented the rest of the family from seeing her, then beat her.The mother ended up in a rehab facility after a fall and the daughter was not allowed to visit.The Falk and Kasem bills focus on visitation rights and seek to provide intervention for seniors being physically or financially abused."This isn't the Casey Kasem Bill, or the Mickey Rooney Bill, or the B. King Bill," Kasem said, referring to other personalities who went through similar elder battles.

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