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Alex Steele, who played freshman Tori, also exited the series after season 12.

Mississauga may be a far cry from Hollywood, but our city has still produced its fair share of stars and celebrities — including actors who have made a name for themselves, whether it's in the Canadian entertainment industry or beyond. Daniel Kelly Most notable role: Owen Milligan from Degrassi Daniel Kelly was born on May 25, 1992, and was raised in the Clarkson area of Mississauga.

He has dated Melinda Shankar, an actress who also worked on Degrassi.

Kelly has also appeared on the Canadian police drama "Flashpoint", and in 2015 starred in the second season of a web series called "Teenagers". Chris Violette Most notable role: The Blue Ranger (Sky) from Power Rangers Born on May 29, 1981, Chris Violette pursued a couple of different careers before becoming an actor.

He first graduated with a diploma in Business Marketing but later decided to explore his passion for the arts.

Executive producer Stephen Stohn tweeted after the episode, "We must never text and drive.

Never."Todosey made her Degrassi debut in season 10 as Adam Torres, the series' first transgender student.

The longrunning Teen Nick has never shied away from tough issues such as school shootings, suicide and teen pregnancy, but we will were still shocked to see the series kill off a fan favorite character in the Aug.

Todosey won a Gemini award for her work in the episode "My Body Is a Cage."'s next episode will deal with the aftermath of Adam's shocking death, including Becky organizing a night of remembrance while trying to understand the meaning of this recent tragedy.Todosey's depature from the series follows several other exits: Annie Clark, Chloe Rose, Justin Kelly, Shanice Barton, Daniel Kelly, Jake Neayem and Alicia Josipovic's characters all graduated at the end of season 12, while fans were left completely devastated when Cam (Dylan Everett) committed suicide.Adam went through his fair share of drama during his time at Degrassi, dealing with bullies, girl problems and that time he was shot at prom.Things were starting to look up for Adam after he found love with Becky (Sarah Fisher), but an argument between the duo during summer vacation eventually led to Adam texting and driving.So, what better way to recognize their achievements than to run through a list of the top 5 most well-known actors from Mississauga — determined by IMDb's "STARmeter," which gauges public interest in an actor and their overall popularity. Fans of the long-running Canadian drama "Degrassi" may recognize him as Owen Milligan, a regular character who appeared from season 10 to 12.

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In addition to his acting career, Kelly also enjoys rapping under the stage name "Deph Naught" and has collaborated with other rappers in the past.

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