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Dear Trash or Treasure: This odd Gibson guitar was purchased sometime in the 1970s and, as far as I can tell, is all original.

I think it is an SG because of the body style, but I have never seen another one like it with these pickups.

Ted Mc Carty left Gibson in 1966, which is widely known as the start of a downhill slide in Gibson’s production quality.

By the 1970s, Gibson was beginning to experiment in research and development, and your guitar is a product of this experimentation.

I’m not planning on selling this guitar, but I would like to know what it is and what it is worth. However, the SG continues to be a successful guitar for Gibson, and many performers have used them, including Tony Iommi, Pete Townshend, and, most notably, Angus Young of AC/DC.

The SG body style goes back to 1958, when Gibson redesigned the Les Paul Junior with its first-ever double-cutaway solidbody.

Paul was never too crazy about the new design of the Les Paul model, and he didn’t renew the contract to use his name on three of Gibson’s guitars.

In 1968, the Les Paul was reintroduced with the traditional single-cutaway design, but Gibson continued production of the SG as well.

I have the original case, but the bridge cover appears to be missing. And there’s a reason you don’t see many of these guitars: the SG-100, SG-200, and SG-250 were only produced for a little over a year in the early 1970s!

The serial number is 972190 and it has “Made In USA” and a “2” stamped under the number. Many Gibson enthusiasts agree that the 1970s were a dark period for Gibson guitar production, and most players and collectors don’t seek out these guitars.

In late 1961, Gibson introduced a different double- cutaway with pointed, beveled bouts that became the SG body style we know today.

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This new body style was applied to all Les Paul models available at the time, and they were labeled Les Pauls until 1963, when Gibson and Les Paul temporarily parted ways.

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