Dating after divorce christian perspective rafael nadal dating caroline wozniacki

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Dating after divorce christian perspective

She is just perfect for me, and the Lord knows best for you.If you will let God have you totally He will show you His plan for your life. It was a warm, beautiful day in So Paulo, Brazil, on March 16, 1996. The music, the flowers, and the food were just perfect.My wife learned to pray, fast and live a godly life without me, so now I can trust her and have complete confidence in her even when Im gone.

Since weve gotten married, we have lived what some would consider a real walk of faith and self sacrifice but my wife hasnt complained about our living circumstances.We had a nice 3 bedroom home but we left all to live in a 19 foot RV when we went out full time.I was most impressed with the power of her prayer life, but she also was a very bold witness for God. Ellen would not tell me but I would find out about her shutting herself away in her apartment for 14 days at a time to pray and fast, to do nothing but seek God during her vacation. I thought she was physically beautiful, but I knew that I needed somebody who was primarily spiritually strong because of what God had for me to do.I saw that marrying her would be a great, incredibly powerful enhancement of who I could be as a man of God.This was a God-given dream of mine but not usually the ideal situation most women would want to get into.

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Its been a joy living with someone that I know the Lord has prepared to labor with me.