Dating an investment banker advice

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Dating an investment banker advice

1913 Federal Reserve Act 24-hour banking 24-hour trading 3-6-3 rule 60-plus delinquency 90-day savings account a ton of money ABA bank index above-the-line advertising absolute monopoly accelerate acceleration acceptable Accepting Houses Committee access fee accident insurance accident policy accommodation address accordance according to accordingly account account aggregation account balance account book account day account freeze account reconciliation account statement account trading account value Accounting Standards Board accounts department accounts receivable conversion (ARC) accretable yield accruals basis accumulated profit ACH acknowledge ACP state acquirer across-the-board tariff increase active account actual actual price ad valorem duty add add up add up to additional additional borrowing additional premium address list adjudicate adjudicator adjustable rate adjusted balance adjusted balance method adjustment credit adjustment trigger Advance Corporation Tax advanced internal rating-based (AIRB) adverse adverse action advertising budget advise against Affärsvärlden General Index affect affiliated affluent African Development Bank afterdate against aged debtors analysis agency bank agency bill agency broker agent bank agent's commission agio agree agree with agreed agreed price agreed takeover bid agreement corporation air forwarding airmail airmail sticker airmail transfer Aktiengesellschaft all savers certificate all-in rate All-Share Index allocation rate allot allow allow for allowance for bad debt alternate account Alternative Investment Market American Bankers Association American Institute of Banking amortisable amount paid up amount to Amsterdam Stock Exchange analogue computer angel network announce annual depreciation Annual Equivalent Rate Annual General Meeting annual gross income annual management charge annual management fee annual rest system annualised annualised percentage rate annually anti-dumping anti-inflationary anti-trust anticipated balance anticipated interest application form appoint apportion appraise appraisee appro appropriate approved deposit fund approved list approximate approximation Arab accounting dinar arbitrage fund arbitrage syndicate area manager arm's length around arrangement arrangement fee arrive arrive at article 8 currency articled clerk Asian Currency Unit Asian Development Bank Asian dollar asian dollar market Asian monetary unit ask for assay mark assess asset backing asset management account asset restructuring asset-liability committee (ALCO) assignation associate bank associate director associated company Association for Payment Clearing Services Association of British Insurers Association of Chartered Certified Accountants Association of Futures Brokers and Dealers assure ATM ATM alliance attachment order attract attractive attributable profit auction system auditors' qualification Australian Bankers Association (ABA) authenticate authorisation authorised corporate director authorised dealer authorised unit trust authority to purchase automaker automated Automated Clearing House (ACH) automated customer account transfer (ACAT) automated customer account transfer service (ACATS) Automated Direct Debit Amendment and Cancellation Service (ADDACS) Automated Screen Trading Automatic Clearing House automatic data processing Automatic Funds Transfer automatic savings plan automatic transfer service automatic transfer service account automatic vending machine availability float availability schedule available avalize average adjustment average balance average collected balance average daily balance average daily balance method average daily float average due date average out average outstanding balance average-sized averager avoid avoirdupois away ax baby boom back back and filling back out back payment back rent backer backhander backing backup copy bad buy bad cheque bad debt provision balance balance certificate balance of payments deficit balance of payments surplus balancing item ballot ballot paper Baltic Futures Exchange bancassurance bancassurer bank bank account Bank Administration Institute (BAI) bank advance bank balance bank base rate bank bill swap bid rate (BBSY) bank book bank borrowing Bank Card Association bank charter bank cheque bank clerk bank credit bank discount bank discount basis bank discount rate bank draft Bank Examiner bank giro bank giro credit bank guarantee bank holding company bank holiday bank identification number bank identifier codes bank insurance Bank Insurance Fund Bank Investment Contract Bank Letter Of Credit Policy bank manager bank mandate Bank Note Bank of Central African States (BEAC) Bank Of England bank of first deposit (BOFD) Bank of Japan bank on bank panic of 1907 bank payment slip with reference number (BESR) bank rate monitor index bank reconciliation Bank Restriction Act of 1797 bank return Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) bank stress test bank syndicate bank transfer Bank Trust Department bank's in-house fund bank-based corporate governance system bankable paper banker banker's bank banker's bill banker's check banker's draft banker's lien banker's order banker's reference banker's year bankers' hours banking Banking Act of 1933 Banking Code banking insurance fund banking passport banking service banking supervision banknote bankroll banks for cooperatives Bankwire Banx Quote Money Markets Index bar code bar-bell Barclays Barclays Index bargain bargain hunting bargain offer bargain price bargain sale to a charitable organization bargaining bargaining position bargains done barren money barrier bartering base-weighted index Basel Accords Basel Committee On Bank Supervision Basel Committee on Banking Supervision Basel I Basel II basic balance basic banking service basic commodities basic discount basic wage batch header record batch number BAX Contract Bay Street bear CD bear covering bear position bear squeeze bed-pepping belly up below market below-the-line expenditure benchmarking beneficial occupier beneficial ownership benefit in kind berhad best-selling bet betting tax bid basis bid market bid-offer price bid-offer spread bidding Big Five banks Big Six banks bilateral credit bilateral credit limit bilateral facility bills payable bills receivable binding black list blacklist blank check blank endorsement blip block booking blocked account blocked currency Blue Book blue-collar union board order bonanza bond-washing bondised book token book-squaring bookkeeping transaction boomer booming boost border tax adjustment borderline case bottom feeder bottom fishing bought ledger clerk bounce protection bounced check box number bracket together branch manager break down break up bring bring down bring forward bring in brisk British Bankers' Association British clearers broad liquidity broker's commission Brokered CD BSE Index Buba budget account budget department build into build up Building Societies Association Building Societies Ombudsman bulk buying bulk purchase bull CD bull position bump-up CD Bundesobligation buoyant business address business centre business computer business correspondent business rate business ratepayer buy forward buy to let buying department by-product caisse populaire calculating machine calculation calendar month call deposit account call purchase call rate call rule call-back pay call-over price callable capital callable CD called up capital calm Canada Education Savings Grant (CESG) Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) Canadian Institute of Actuaries (CIA) cancel out cancellation cancelled check cantonal bank cap and collar capital base capital bonus capital city capital flow capital levy Capital Purchase Program (CPP) capital requirement capital transfer tax capital-intensive industry capital-protected fund capitalisation capitalise capitalise on capitalist economy capped floating rate note capped rate card card index cardholder carpetbagger carriage forward carriage free carry over carryover day cash accumulation equation cash balance cash card cash crop cash deficiency agreement cash desk cash dispenser cash economy cash float cash in hand cash in on cash in transit cash limit cash management bill cash offer cash out cash position cash positive cash rebate cash reserve ratio (CRR) cash reserves cash transfer hatch cash up cash voucher cash with order cashable cashier's check cashless society Cashwire casting vote casual work Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) CAT standards CBS All-Share CD CD ladder cd rate central assets account Central Bank central bank discount rate central bank intervention central banker central government Central Liquidity Facility (CLF) central purchasing central securities depository (CSD) centralisation centralise centre certain annuity certificate of approval certificate of authentication Certificate of Authority Certificate of Deposit certificate of deposit account registry service (CDARS) certificate of quality certificate of registration certificate of tax deducted certificated bankrupt certified accountant Certified Bank Auditor (CBA) Certified Cash Manager (CCM) certified check Certified Consumer Debt Specialist (CCDS) Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) Certified Forensic Financial Analyst (CFFA) Certified Trust and Financial Advisor (CTFA) certify cession CFA exam CFA Institute CFP franc chairman and managing director Chamber of Commerce Chancellor of the Exchequer change machine chargeable chargee charging period charitable giving charter flight charter value chartered chartered accountant Chartered Asset Manager (CAM) Chartered Association of Certified Accountants chartered bank Chartered Business Valuator (CBV) Chartered Institute of Bankers Chartered Market Analyst (CMA) Chartered Wealth Manager cheap rate cheaply cheapness cheat check check credit check representment check routing symbol check sample checkable checkbook checkbook register checking account checkout cheque card cheque requisition cheque stub cheque to bearer Chicago School chief executive Chief Secretary to the Treasury chop chronological order circular letter of credit circularise circulate circulation of capital Citibank Citizens Advice Bureau City City desk City editor claim form claims department claims reserve classified directory classify clean bill of lading clear clear profit clearance clearance certificate clearance time cleared date cleared funds clearing clearing bank Clearing House Interbank Payments System clearinghouse funds Clearstream clicks-and-mortar clientele climb close company close down close off closed closed account closed account fee closed market closed-end transaction closing bid closing out closing stock club account CMT Index co-creditor co-director co-financing co-insurance COF Index cohabit cohabitation cold call cold start collateral calls collect collect call collection agency collection float collector colon combine combined statement COMECON Commerce Bank commercial aircraft commercial attaché commercial bank commercial directory commercial district commercial lawyer commercial port commercial value commercialisation commercialise commercially commission Commission des Opérations de Bourse commission recapture commission rep commissioner Commissioner of Banking Commissioner of Inland Revenue commit commodity trader Common Agricultural Policy common ownership common pricing common seal community income Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 commute Companies Registration Office company car company flat company pension scheme company promoter company registrar comparable comparative credit analysis compare with compensating balance compensation deal compensation fund compensatory financing compete competence framework competitive devaluation Competitive Equality Banking Act (CEBA) competitive pricing competitively complete complete audit compliance examination compliance officer compound amount of one compound interest compounded interest rate compounding method comptroller of the currency compulsory purchase computer bureau computer department computer file computer listing computer magazine computer model computer time computer-readable computerise computerised concentration bank concert conditions of sale Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS) confidence letter confidential report confirm confirmed letter of credit (L/C) conservatively consider consortium bank consult consultancy consulting actuary consumer bank Consumer Bankers Association (CBA) Consumer Credit Act, 1974 Consumer Credit Counselling Service consumer credit delinquencies bulletin consumer finance consumer finance company consumer lease consumer panel consumer protection consumer resistance consumer society consumption smoothing contango day contested takeover contingent payment sale contingent policy continuous compounding contra contract note contracted in contracted out contractual contractual obligation contractual savings contractually contrarian research contrarian stockpicking contributions holiday controlled economy conversion discount conversion issue conversion period convert convertible loan stock cooperative bank cooperative society Copenhagen Inter Bank Offered Rates coproperty coproprietor copyright notice core deposits core liquidity corporate banking corporate planning corporate processing float correspondent cost accountant cost of limited partner capital cost price cost-cutting cost-effective cost-income ratio cost-of-living allowance cost-of-living bonus cost-of-living increase costly Council of Mortgage Lenders counselling count on counterbid counterfoil counterpurchase country bank country broker coupon ad coupon security covered bear covering letter creative accountancy credit card credit card balance transfer credit card holder credit card issuer credit card sale credit column credit freeze credit netting credit refusal credit report credit side credit sweep credit transfer credit union Credit Union National Association (CUNA) credit union shares creditor nation creditors' meeting criminal action crore cross out cross-border listing cross-border outstanding crossed cheque cum coupon cumulative interest cumulative preference share currency backing currency band currency clause currency in circulation currency trading Currency Transaction Report (CTR) Current Account Savings Account (CASA) current balance current income curve custodial custodial account custodian custom-built customer identification file customer information file (CIF) customer service department customise customs barrier customs clearance customs entry point customs examination customs officer customs official customs seal cut cut down (on) cut in cut-price cut-throat competition cutback daily factor daily lock-in Daimyo bond damp down danger money Datastream date draft date stamp dated day book day of deposit to day of withdrawal account day release daylight overdraft dead loss deadline deadlock dealer bank dealing dealing floor dealing-only broker dear death in service debenture bond debenture capital debit bureau debit card debit column debit side debit ticket debt collection agency debt counselling debt instrument debt-convertible bond debtor nation deceased alert deciding factor decimal decimal point decrease deduct deep discounted rights issue defence defence counsel defence document defend deferment deferral principal deferred availability deferred coupon note deferred creditor deflate deflationary defray del credere delayed disbursement delivery service demand bill demand deposit demand price demand-led inflation demise demutualise Department for Work and Pensions Department of the Treasury Department of Trade and Industry deposit deposit in transit deposit insurance Deposit Insurance Fund deposit multiplier deposit note deposit slip deposit transfer deposit-taking institution depositor depository depository fund transfer check Depository Institutions Deregulation and Monetary Control Act depository transfer check (DTC) Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC) depress deregulate designate designer desk destabilise determine Deutsche Bundesbank Deutschmark devalue development area dial difficulty digit digital money dilution levy dilution of shareholding diminish dinar direct direct business direct debit payment direct deposit direct mailing direct sends direct share ownership direct taxation direct write off method direction directly Director of the Budget directors' report directorship dirham disallow disbursement float discharge in bankruptcy disclosure of shareholding discount window discountable discounted bill discounted value discounter discrete compounding discretionary client disenfranchise disequilibrium dishonor dishonoured cheque disinflationary disintermediation disinvest disk diskette disposable personal income dispose disqualification disqualify disqualifying income dissolve distress securities fund distribution slip dividend warrant do-it-yourself conveyancing doctor document image processing dole queue dollar area dollar gap domestic consumption domestic demand deflator domestic production door-to-door salesman dormant account double double option double-digit doubtful Dow Jones Index down down market down time downmarket downswing downtown dozen draft drafter drafting drain draw draw up drawee drawer drawing account drift droplock bond dual banking dual control dud dud cheque dullness dump Dun & Bradstreet duplicating paper duplication duty-free shop e-business early early closing day early withdrawal earner earnest earning capacity earning potential earnings allowance earnings cap earnings credit earnings drift earnings-related pension EASDAQ ease easy easy money policy EC economic forecaster economic model Economic Pearl Harbor economic planning economic slowdown economy size editorial board EEC effect effective annual interest rate effective control effective price efficient efficiently efflux EFT election electronic cheque Electronic Funds Transfer Electronic Funds Transfer Act electronic transfer account (ETA) eligibility eligibility date eligible eligible bankers' acceptances eliminate Emergency Banking Act Of 1933 emergency credit Emirates Interbank Offered Rate (EIBOR) employee savings plan employer's contribution employers' liability insurance employment tribunal empower end endowment assurance energizing stimulus Energy Risk Professional (ERP) engage enter enter into Enterprise Investment Scheme entertain entertainment entertainment allowance entitle entrepot port equal opportunities programme equally equity capital market (ECM) equity gearing equity growth fund equity release equity sweetener equivalence erode error rate error resolution errors and omissions excepted estate agency ethical criteria ethical fund ethical index Ethical Investment Research Service ethical screening Euro Interbank Offer Rate (EURIBOR) euro notes Euro Overnight Index Average Eurobank eurobanking Eurocheque Eurocredit market Eurocurrency deposit Eurocurrency market Eurodollar certificate of deposit Eurodollar floating-rate certificate of deposit Eurodollar market Europe European European Bank for Reconstruction and Development European Banking Federation (FBE) European Commercial Paper European Common Market European Economic and Monetary Union European Economic Area European Free Trade Association European Interbank Offered Rate European Investment Bank European Regional Development Fund European Social Charter evade evaluate evergreen ex-capitalisation exact exact interest exactly examiner exceed except excess crude account excess liquidity excess profit excess reserves excessive exchange control Exchange Equalisation Account exchange premium exchange rate mechanism Exchequer exclude exclusive agreement exclusive of tax executive share option scheme Executives' Meeting of East Asia and Pacific Central Banks (EMEAP) exit charge expand expect expected family contribution Expedited Funds Availability Act (EFAA) expiry exponential growth Export Credit Guarantee Department export department export house export manager exportation expose exposure at default express express money transfer expressly extend extended credit extensive external external account external auditor external growth external trade extract facility fee factory gate price factory price fail fair fair copy fair deal fair trading fair wear and tear fairly faith fall fall away fall back fall back on fall behind fall off fall out falling falling pound fallout risk false market false weight falsify family company family finances family firm Farm Credit System favourable favourable balance of trade fax FAZ index FDIC feasibility report Fed balance sheet fed funds Fed funds rate Fed speak Federal Accounting Standards Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Improvement Act (FDICIA) Federal Farm Credit Bank (FFCB) Federal funds Federal Home Loan Bank Federal Home Loan Bank System Federal Home Loan Banks Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) Federal Intermediate Credit Bank federal key rates Federal Land Bank Federal Open Market Committee Meeting (FOMC Meeting) Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank of New York Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank of St.Louis Federal Reserve credit Federal Reserve regulations Federal Reserve Wire System Federal Savings and Loan Federal Savings and Loan Association Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation (FSLIC) few fiddle fiduciary deposit fiduciary fraud fifty-fifty file copy filing system FIMBRA final final closing date final demand final discharge final product final salary scheme finalise Finance Act Finance and Leasing Association Finance Bill finance market Finance Ministry Financial Asset Securitisation Investment Trust financial centre financial cooperative financial correspondent financial futures market financial holding company financial innovation financial institution Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery, And Enforcement Act Of 1989 (FIRREA) Financial Institutions Regulatory Act financial intermediary financial literacy financial management financial plan Financial Secretary to the Treasury financial services Financial Services Act Financial Services Authority financial services roundtable Financial Stability Oversight Council Financial Times Financial Times Index financially financing cost fine-tune fine-tuning Finnmark fire safety fire safety officer firewall firm sale firm up firmness FIRREA first first option first quarter first-class first-class mail Five-Year Plan fixed fixed deposit fixed-price agreement fixed-price offer for sale fixed-rate certificate of deposit fixed-term product fixer-upper flat out fleet rental flexible flexible mortgage float float time floating floor limit floor price floor space floppy disk fluctuate fluctuating foot forbid force down force up forecast dividend forecaster foreclose foreign Foreign Bank Supervision Enhancement Act (FBSEA) foreign banking market foreign bill foreign branch bank foreign currency fixed deposit (FCFD) foreign draft Foreign Exchange Dealers' Association of India foreign exchange dealing foreign exchange desk foreign exchange intervention foreign exchange reserve foreign money order Foreign Office foreign official dollar reserves (FRODOR) forfeit forfeit clause forfeiting Form 1099 form letter forward buying forward dealing forwarding forwarding address forwarding agent fourth quarter fractional reserve banking fragile franc franc zone franchising operation Frankfurt Interbank Offered Rate fraud squad fraudulent fraudulently free collective bargaining free competition free credit balance free currency free gift free period free trial free-standing additional voluntary contribution freefall freehold property freephone freight forward front man front-end fee front-end loaded frozen frozen account FTSE 350 Index FTSE All-Share Index FTSE All-Small Index FTSE Eurotop 300 Index FTSE Mid 250 Share Index FTSE Small Cap Index fulfil full listing full rate full refund full repairing lease full-scale full-service banking full-time fully function key functional cost analysis (FCA) fundamental research funded funny money future future dating galloping inflation garnish gazump gazumping gear geisha bond general General Arrangements to Borrow general audit general insurance general meeting general PEP general undertaking gensaki gentleman's agreement Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung get back get out get out of get round gift coupon giro system Global Financial Centres Index Gnomes of Zurich go around go back on go into go into business go out of business go private go public go short go-ahead gold bug gold card gold certificate gold point gold-collar worker gold/silver ratio goldmine good buy good money good standing Goods and Services Tax government contractor Government Depository government sponsored enterprise (GSE) government support government-controlled government-regulated government-sponsored governor Governor of the Bank of England grace gradual gradually graduate graduate entry graduate training scheme graduated income tax graduated pension scheme Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act grand Granny Bond graph paper graveyard Green Book green currency green day Gresham's Law gross dividend per share gross premium ground landlord group health insurance group income protection insurance Group of Eight Group of Five Group of Seven Group of Ten grow growing perpetuity growth company growth index growth market guarantee fee Guaranteed Equity Bond Guaranteed Income Bond guaranteed wage guess guilder half half-commission man half-yearly Hambrecht & Quist Technology Index hammering hand hand in handling charge hard hard bargain hard cash hard sell harden harmonisation harmonise harmonised European index hatchet man head head for head office headhunt headhunter heading headline inflation rate heads of agreement health warning healthy heavily heavy heavy share price hectic Helsinki Stock Exchange hemline theory hereby herewith Hex Index high finance high gearing high interest savings account high pressure high security area high street High Street banks high-income high-income bond high-risk investment highly highly-geared company highly-placed hire and fire hire car hiring historic historical cost accounting historical cost depreciation hive off hoard hoarder hoarding hold down hold on hold out for hold to hold up holdovers holiday club account home address home equity credit home income plan Hong Kong interbank offer rate (HIBOR) honorary honorary secretary honour horse trading hour house journal house property house telephone housecleaning housing authority bond HSBC human resources department human resources officer ICAEW IDC deposits identity score identity theft illegally illicit immediate credit implement implementation implementation lag import ban import levy import licence import surcharge import-export importation importing impounding imprest system imprinter improve on improved offer impulse impulse buyer imputation system inactive account incentive bonus include inclusive income drawdown income gearing income support income tax form income tax return income yield incoming inconvertible inconvertible currency incorporate increase increment incremental increase incremental scale indebted independent authenticator Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) independent company independent financial adviser independent trader index-linked index-linked certificate of deposit index-tracking indexed certificate of deposit (indexed CD) indexed portfolio indicate indirect loan indirect taxation individual savings account (ISA) industrial bank industrial capacity industrial court industrial development industrial injury industrial training industrial tribunal industrialisation industrialise ineligible bill inflate inflated inflation target inflation-linked certificates of deposit inflation-proof inflation-proof pension inflow influx information office information officer infringement of patent inherit initial initial deposit initial yield inject injection input lead inquiry office inside insider trader inspect inspection stamp inspector instalment instant instant access account Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland Institute of Chartered Accountants in Scotland institution institutional buyout institutional financing institutionalization instructing bank instruction insurance salesman insured account insured financial institution insured money market account inter- inter-bank inter-bank market inter-city inter-dealer broker interbank interbank call money market interbank deposits interbank loan interbank market interbank spread interchange rate interest dates interest rate differential (IRD) interest rate margin interest reserve account interest sensitive asset interest sensitive liability interest-bearing interest-free credit interesting interfund transactions internal internal audit department internal capital generation rate (ICGR) internal growth internal telephone internal trade International Bank for Reconstruction and Development International Banking Act of 1978 International Banking Facility (IBF) International Finance Corporation International Labour Organization international money order Internet bank interpretive letter interstate banking intervene intervention mechanism intervention price introduce introduction introductory offer invalidate invalidity investigation investment environment investment magazine investment management Investment Management Regulatory Organisation investment manager investor protection Investors in Industry invisible account invisible trade invitation invite invoice price invoicing invoicing department involuntary bankruptcy inward arbitrage inward investment inward mission inwood annuity factor inwood capitalization irregular irrevocable letter of credit Islamic banking Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB) issue department issued price itemise itemised statement job classification job creation scheme job title jobbing jobless joint account joint account agreement joint-stock bank jointly jumbo CD jumbo mortgage jump jumpy junior capital junk junk fees KBW Bank Index keen keep keep back keep up kerb market key key holding key rate keyboarding killing kind kite kite flier kite-flying kiting kitty knock down knock for knock knock-on effect knockdown price koruna kroon kyat labour dispute labour force labour union lack lagged reserves lakh land agent land register Landeszentralbank landing landing order lapsed policy large value transfer system (LVTS) large-sized company last quarter late charge late fee lay out league tables Learning and Skills Council least developed country left left-hand legal charge legal claim legal lending limit legal list legal section legalisation lender of last resort lending limit lending standards less let let-out clause letter of acknowledgement letter of credit letter of reference letter rate level leveraged Leveraged Loan Index (LLI) liability ledger licensed dealer licensed deposit-taker life life assurance company life assured lifeboat operation lifeline account lifestyle audit Lifetime Individual Savings Account light lighten limited market limited service bank limiting liquid certificate of deposit liquidity adjustment facility liquidity cushion lira list Listing Agreement lively Lloyd's broker Lloyd's Register Lloyd's syndicate Lloyd's underwriter loan life coverage ratio (LLCR) loan loss reserve loan officer loan register loan shark loan-deposit ratio local authority local authority bond local call local labour local press lock into lock up lockbox locking up lodgement Lombard rate London Bullion Market London Securities and Derivatives Exchange London Traded Options Market long credit long lease long-dated bill long-range long-tail business long-term security longs lose loss given default loss relief low balance method low gearing low yield low-profile lower lowering loyalty bonus lull luncheon voucher Maastricht Treaty machine-readable code Madam Chairman magnetic character reading magnetic ink magnetic strip mail box mail shot mail-order catalogue mail-order selling mailing main main market Main Street mainstream corporation tax major majority vote make make out make over make up make up for manageable managed derivatives fund management accountant management consultant management trainee management training managership managing agent mandatory bid manipulate manpower forecasting marginal purchase marine underwriter maritime lawyer mark marka market economist market operator market polarisation market strategist market value adjuster marketing agreement marketing department match fund matched sale-purchase agreement (MSPA) MATIF mature maximisation maximise maximum Mc Donough ratio Mc Fadden Act means test mechanic's lien medical insurance medium medium-sized company meet member bank Member States member's agent member's rate memorandum and articles of association mentee merchant number merger accounting mezzanine class stock Mibtel microfinance channel microfinance institution micropayment mid- mid-month mid-sized mid-week middle price middle rate middle-income millionaire millionaire on paper minibudget minimum minimum balance minister ministry minority minority shareholding minus factor mirror fund miscalculate miscount mismanage mismanagement misrepresent Mittelstand mixed mobilise modest modified payoff Monetary Accord of 1951 Monetary Control Act money center bank money laundering money lying idle money market account money market account extra (MMAX) money market basis money market deposit account money market instruments money order money purchase scheme money-back guarantee money-making money-spinner moneyback option Monopolies and Mergers Commission month end monthly monthly sales report Moody's Investors Service moonlight moonlighting Morris plan bank mortality and expense risk charge mortgage bank mortgage famine mortgage interest relief mortgage interest relief at source mortgage lender mortgage refinancing most favoured nation most-favoured-nation clause mount up mounting move multi-manager fund multibank holding company multicurrency multilateral Multilateral Development Bank (MDB) multilateral netting multilateral netting system (MNS) multimillion multimillionaire multiple ownership multiplication sign multiply Mumbai Interbank Bid Rate (MIBID) Mumbai Interbank Forward Offer Rate (MIFOR) Murphy's law mutual association mutual company mutual credit mutual insurance company Mutual Savings Bank nail naira naked named named fiduciary National Association of Federal Credit Unions (NAFCU) National Bank National Bank Surveillance System national central bank National Credit Union Administration national currency National Insurance contribution national press National Savings and Investments National Savings certificates nationalise nationalised industry nationality declaration NB near money negative negative authorization negative duration negative verification neglected neglected business negotiable negotiable certificate of deposit negotiable instrument Negotiable Order of Withdrawal negotiator net asset value per share net borrowed reserves net dividend per share net float net free reserves net interest income net salary net worth certificate Netting neurolinguistic programming neutral period new issue market new issues department new time New York Clearing House Association New York Cotton Exchange news agency next-day funds niche bank niche company niche player night safe nil no protest nominated advisor (NOMAD) nominee interest non-acceptance non-bank non-bank financial company non-borrowed reserves non-delivery non-deposit investment product non-executive director non-feasance non-interest non-interest income non-interest-bearing account non-negotiable instrument non-payment non-performing loan non-profit-making organisation non-resident non-taxable noncovered security nondepository credit institution nondepository financial institution nonlegal nonmember bank nonmonetary transaction nonpersonal time deposit nonrecourse sale nonregulated normal working week Northern Rock nostro account note issuance facility note of hand notional income notional rent nought NOW number number cruncher numeric keypad numerical order obligate occupational pension odd OFEX off off the run Treasury yield curve off-the-shelf company offer document offer for sale offer for subscription offer period offered rate Office of Fair Trading Office of Management and Budget Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Office of Thrift Supervision official exchange rate official intervention Official List official market officialese offload offre publique d'achat oil-exporting country on approved credit on the run Treasury yield curve on the side on-the-job training on-us item one-bank holding company one-day deposit rule one-man business one-off one-sided one-stop banking one-stop shopping one-way trade online banking online bill paying open outcry system operational gearing operations department operations review oppose optimism optimistic option to purchase option to sell optional order cheque order fulfilment order-driven system ordinary interest ordinary member ordinary share capital Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development organisational organise organised labour originating fee other people's money out out-of-cash date out-of-date cheque outbid outsell outside outside dealer outside line outside worker outstanding check outvote outward arbitrage overall overbook overborrowed overcapitalised overcharge overdraft overdraft protection overestimate overextend overfunding overgeared overnight limit overnight money overnight rate overpaid overpay overpayment overrated overrider overseas division overseas money order Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) overspend overspending overstock overtime ban owing owner-occupier P* p.m.

P45 Pac-man palmtop paper currency paper gain paper millionaire paper offer paperchase parcel rate Parkinson's law part delivery part exchange part-owner part-ownership part-time part-time work partial participate participating depository financial institution participation fee participator partly pass pass off passbook passbook loan passbook savings account passive stake patent agent patent office pathfinder prospectus pattern of trade pawn ticket pay pay as you earn pay back pay day pay off pay out pay package pay packet pay phone pay restraint pay review pay scale pay slip pay threshold pay up pay yourself first pay-cheque payable on death (POD) payback clause paying-in book paying-in slip payment holiday payment in kind payroll clerk peak year penalise penalty-free pension entitlement pensionable age pensionable service per cent per head per pro per procurationem percentage increase perform performance fund performance incentive performance rating performance review performance share performance-linked bonus period of qualification periodic permanent permanent interest-bearing share permissible nonbank activities person-to-person call personal personal banker personal call personal computer personal customer Personal Equity Plan personal identification number Personal Investment Authority personal pension plan personal sector personalised peseta peso pessimism pessimistic peter out petrocurrency petroleum industry petty cash book petty cash box phase in phase out phoenix company physical price physical stock check pick piecework PIN placing planner platinum card pledgee pledging requirement pledgor plenary meeting plough back plug plummet pocket point-of-sale material polarisation police record poor poorly population forecast portable portable pension position of trust positive positive authorization possess post-balance sheet event post-earnings-announcement drift postal account postal ballot postal order postdate potential pound-cost averaging pre-emptive pre-encashable deposit pre-financing pre-market trading pre-provision operating profit (PPOP) preannouncement precautionary measure predator preference preferential preferential creditor preliminary preliminary announcement prepaid reply card prepay prepetition liability present press conference press coverage press cutting press recommendation pressing previous prey price price differential price ex factory price tag price-sensitive pricing model primary account number primary regulator prior-charge capital private banker private banking private client stockbroker private income private label credit card private ownership private placing Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 proceed product advertising product analysis product engineer production department production line production target production unit productivity bonus professional qualification profit squeeze profit-making profit-taker profitably program trader programming engineer progress payment prohibitive project analysis projected promotional prompt proof of funds (POF) property bond property developer property development property portfolio proprietary company proprietary drug prospective P/E ratio prosperous protect protective tariff provident provisionally proxy form prudential ratio public holiday public monopoly public placing Public Sector Borrowing Requirement Public-Private Investment Program for Legacy Assets (PPIPLA) public-to-private deal pull out pump punt punter purchase and assumption (P&A) Purchase and Resale Agreement (PRA) purchasing department purse put down put in put into put on put out put up quadruplicate Qualified Institutional Buyer (QIB) Qualified Institutional Placement (QIP) qualify qualifying distribution qualifying period qualifying service quantifiable quantify quantitative easing quantity purchase quarter day quasi-loan quick quiet quota system quote-driven system raid alarm raised check rake in rake-off ramp random check range forward rank rate of production rateable value rating officer raw raw data re-export re-present read readable reader/sorter readjust readjustment ready real interest rate real money real return after tax real value real-time gross settlement system real-time system realised profit reassess reassure recapitalise receipt book receipts and payments basis receiving bank receiving department receiving order reciprocate reckon recognised agent recognised clearing house recommended retail price reconcile reconciliation reconciliation statement record-breaking recorded delivery recording recording of a lien recover recoverable ACT recoverable amount recovery share rectify recurrent recycle red Red Book red clause credit red day redeemable government stock redeemable preference share redeemable security rediscount redistribute redistribution of risk reduce reduced reducing balance method redundancy payment redundancy rebate redundant staff refer reflate refundable regional bank regional check processing center regional development grant regional planning regional stock exchange registered check Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) registered letter regular regular income regulate regulated consumer credit agreement regulation agency Regulation Q Regulation S-X reimburse reinsure reinsurer reinvest reject related related company reminder remittance float remote deposit remunerate remunerative render renege renegotiate renewal renewal notice rent review rent tribunal rental value reorder reorder interval reorganization replacement cost depreciation replacement price reply coupon reporting season require required reserve rate required reserves rerate rerating reschedule rescue rescue operation researcher resell reserve bank reserve fund reserve maintenance period reserve ratio reserve requirement reserved market residence permit residue resist resistance level resolution trust corporation (RTC) resolve restrict retail banking retail repurchase agreement retail service provider retailer number retain retirement pension return date revalue reverse reverse bid reversionary reversionary annuity reversionary bonus revise rial rig right to strike right-hand rightful claimant ring binder ringgit rise rising screen risk asset ratio risk-based capital risk-based deposit insurance risk-free return risk-weighted asset risky rival riyal robustness rock rock bottom rocket roll rolling account rolling plan rollover credit Romalpa clause rouble rough calculation rough draft rough out round down round up round-tripping rubber check rubber stamp rulebook ruling run run down run into run out of run to settlement runaway inflation running total rupee Russell index S&L custody safe deposit safe keeping safety margin SAIF salami fraud salaried salaried partner salary review salary scale Sale and Repurchase Agreement (SRA) sales charge sales chart sales department sales executive sales fee sales ledger clerk sales mix profit variance sales return sales returns book sales slip sales value sales volume profit variance salesman saleswoman salvage vessel same save up save-as-you-earn saving savings account Savings and Loan Savings Association Insurance Fund savings bank savings club savings deposits savings-related share option scheme scam scarcity value Schedule A Schedule B Schedule D Schedule E Schedule F Schedule I bank Schedule II bank schilling scout screen trading Sdn berhad sea freight SEAQ search season seasonal seasonal unemployment second second banking directive second earner second half second quarter second-class second-class mail second-ranker second-tier bank second-tier market secondary auditor secondary bank secondary credit rate seconder secondment secretariat Secretary of State Secretary of the Treasury Section 529 plan secure website Securities and Futures Authority Securities and Investments Board securities house securities subsidiary security guard security of employment security printer seedcorn segregated account selected personal information self-financed self-financing self-made man self-regulation self-regulatory self-service banking self-supporting sell forward sell up sell-by date sellout senior capital Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey on Bank Lending Practices (SOSLP) senior manager separate estate separation sequester sequestration sequestrator Serious Fraud Office service cost centre service department set against SET Index set up settle on settlement day seven-day money shadow banking system shady shake shakeup shaky share at par share issue share option scheme share premium account share split share warrant shareout sharp sharply shelf shell branch shelter sheriff's sale shilling shipping company shoot up shop around shopper shoppers' charter shopping basket short credit short-change short-term paper short-term reserves short-termism shrink sideline sight draft sight letter of credit sight note signature card signature guarantee simple interest single European market single filer single premium policy 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