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Dating biker personals clubs

But since I can barely find time to update my own channel…I CAN’T find time to update my website. And yes, in the past I’ve criticized him for getting rich off other people’s videos…..but….it works it works. And we will be visiting a few new places that even I’ve never been to before. I’m a bit out of shape….haven’t been exercising as much as I’d like. My 2012 Private Series is going on sale today (pre-purchase). He goes to school for 8 hours a day and then when he gets home it’s only a few hours before his bedtime. But on the bright side it makes me all the more happy when I do see him. It’s still winter here…spring or whatever…..either way it’s raining all the fucking time. My Taiwan Tour is coming up: I’ve got both 2012 tours more than half sold out. I should have more time since my son started school again…this time full time.

I guess those channels never had much of a chance of taking off. And I guess this will finally be the year that I move back out on my own. I started working out in the latter part of 2013…other than when I do tours, I am still working out daily. Strong and thin is a lot better than chubby and weak. And mine will be more about the News than viral videos. Actually the channels are already up if you want to subscribe early: News M13 M13 I’m not partnered with You Tube anymore. And I need to do whatever I can to make sure he has all the chances in life that I never had. The weather looks like it will be fairly good and everything is looking up. So that’s something for me to be hopeful about as well. I’ve been more active with Face Book though…subscribe to me there if you like. My son is at school and I have a lot more free time. Trying to get caught up on all the gaming I missed out on these past few years. And am working on a Rave Biker 3…mostly in the idea stage…but got some good ideas. So I went from spending 12 hours a day with him to only 4 a day. I’m especially looking forward to the Sept tour because I have quite a few repeat customers coming for that one….maybe as many as 6! When he was one and a half he went to school mornings for 6 months until he was two.

M13′s Medical Expenses Go Fund Me I’d also like to make a note that we are having some issues with Pay Pal. I should post more here….because posts here last a lot longer than FB updates that are buried within hours. I have all these ideas for income and I’m also starting two new youtube channels.

For anyone who has donated through Pay Pal in the past couple of days, he’s asking that you request a refund as Pay Pal has frozen his account, and he can neither withdraw nor issue refunds. Well I had planned on making some new channels in 2013. I kinda gave up on this website a bit because the forums were getting over run with spambots and one of the website owners (there’s 3 of us) has moved on and given up on me/the site (partially my fault for not doing things he wanted….that…..sicko). One is gaming….which is nothing unique….the other will be a sort of Asian twist to what RWJ does. I’m especially excited about this one as we have a total of 10 people. But sometimes I think about how fast he’s growing up and it truly….truly….scares me that I’m missing out on so much time with him. I just write them down and wait for better weather.

And my cell phone has been getting “fixed” for the last 2 weeks…and I get it back today…talk about leaving things to the last minute. M13 I’ve been using Facebook so often that it’s hard for me to think of things to write here. My life was fucking horrible just a short time ago. I was worried that if I let you all know how much of a depression I was in that I would lose “cool points”. But I’m confident that come spring I’ll bounce back…. And with my son in school I’ll have more time to do some unique vids. It takes a lot to do crazy shit in public…being with my wife I’ve lost a lot of it. I think I’d have to try to get a job in motorbike sales or something. I wouldn’t even worry about the future if he weren’t around. I had fun playing video games last night (Fri) and I’ll probably do the same today.

I was on the tour and can verify that his accident was very real and very horrific. He is in good spirits and recovering, but he has a long way to go.

I’d like to ask you all to please support him through his Go Fund Me campaign.

He wants to express his sincere gratitude for everyone who has chipped in and supported, and it’s incredibly helpful during this difficult time.

I say that every year….I have a list of dozens of videos that are better than anything I’ve uploaded recently…. I’m really starting to think that I shouldn’t let my son get too into video games and computers. If you guys want to get one remember to use Mordeth13 in the “promo code” area and you get 13% off the price! I’m guessing they all do speed drugs like Whitney Houston. I promised myself I wouldn’t but if it’s for my career then that’s ok, right? I wanted to do a Rave Biker 3….time is running out and I wouldn’t have that done by then. A compilation of my older vids….perhaps a time-line showing a clip from every 100th video that would be ten clips. I spent a few days dealing with my emotions about that. Things are still going well with my wife and me…..which is a huge surprise to myself and something I wasn’t sure was possible. I hope to be in better shape for when my son hits his teen years. It’s basically the same scooter as my old one…newer, but none the less it has a couple of mods that make it unique and extra storage space that makes it more practical.

When I was young I never had a computer……and I had so many different adventures in my city walking around with my friends. As my divorce gets closer and closer I worry more and more about how my son will be raised without me there to protect him. At first I took it very well…..probably because it hadn’t hit me yet…then I was sad for a few days….now I’m kinda angry. If you have children…you aren’t allowed to kill yourself, period. I’d still love to get a divorce…but at least my life isn’t hell anymore…’s been downgraded to a hassle. There’s a game called Great Little War Game that I’m playing a lot while outdoors on my phone. Having a son is great motivation for improving on yourself in any way that you can. Onlymanolos from youtube sent me some money to pay for his party which was very nice of her. My son was throwing up a couple of days after his party…but there was a guest who was sick so hopefully it was just a bug he caught…suspect he might have something wrong with his digestive system. I installed a black box with front and rear facing cameras on my scooter…so it should be interesting seeing what kind of footage I can get from that in the future.

You also can’t have 12 girlfriends in one month in this day and age with FB and all that. Twice in the last week alone my wife has allowed “harm” to come to him while standing by doing nothing because she was too “embarrassed” to intervene. My income is dropping along with my views….that’s due to winter. My life from week to week is fairly mundane…..doesn’t give me a lot to write about. And someone from You Tube contacted me and pointed out that on over 600 of my videos I only have 50% of the advertising working…they’re going to enable the other half for me. But there are some household chores that need to be done.

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She’s normally a fairly good mother (disgustingly horrible wife, but an OK mother)…I’m disappointed now. I put some clear lenses in them so I can wear them at night. No one does motorcycle searches during February…not in most of America anyway….that’s where most of my views come from. I’ve been going dancing at the local Filipino and Thai clubs. I’m talking with another video hosting site (2nd largest) and they are going to be moving my videos over to their site. So hopefully I’ll see some kind of improvement in my You Tube income. But with America trying to control the internet in 2012….. This time next year You Tube could be shut down by SOPA and I could be looking for a full time job. Teaching is stressful and my wife has driven me to the point where I couldn’t handle teaching full time again. If I didn’t have my son my life would be sooooo different. My wife just went to visit some family down south and took my son with her.