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You can also call the prison and ask their administration office.I sent in a friends ad and haven’t seen it yet – what’s the story? I feel nervous about writing a prisoner, what should I do? It is best to ask your pen pal directly or ask the prison office if you want to surprise your pen pal. Simply write to the same address that your pen pal is at, only do not put their name and DOC # on the envelope with the address. The Federal Prisoners also have a number assigned to them that is very similar. You also need to read and understand our disclaimer before visiting our site and writing a prisoner! Each prison has its own rules that are constantly changing.Some prisons have prepared lists they will send you.My letter to a prisoner was returned to me, as I didn’t have the barracks #. The address that appears in the ad is what the prisoner has given us.We update the address when the prisoner writes and tell us about an address change.

We suggest using a PO Box address, and of course only tell what you want them to know. Instead, write PRISON ADMINISTRATION and then simply ask your questions.The best way to get the complete address is to write to the prison office and ask for it.Include a SASE for them to reply back to you faster.Our ad processing time is 6 to 8 weeks, but we usually get them up and on in 4 weeks.You should also check under the new prisoner listings first.

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We put the ads there to feature them and get the prisoners pen pals fast!

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