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Dating dubarry patterns

The preferred music is jungle, Contemporary R&B, gangsta rap and Grime.

In some parts of Britain chavs and other subcultures hold each other in contempt as what a person wears is seen as a lifestyle choice, defining 'who you are'.

They enjoyed skateboarding and often formed their own rock bands, influencing the indie scene of the late 2000s.

They wore loose-fitting jeans (sometimes covered in rivets, zips and chains), band T-shirts, trenchcoats (usually made of black leather), camoflage combat trousers, lumberjack shirts, army boots and full-zip hoodies (normally in black).

This article describes the many fashions and trends commonly seen in the world during the 2000s.

Throughout the period many styles linked with 1990s anti-fashion remain popular in the 2000s though there have been considerable changes as well. (notably a now-discontinued baseball cap) and from a variety of other casual and sportswear brands like Adidas, Lacoste, Umbro or Le Coq Sportif.

Girls wore plaid miniskirts and Alice bands and both sexes had long messy hair.

The female counterpart wears either a grey or pink sweatsuit with large hoop earrings or a denim miniskirt and white high heels like an Essex girl.Her hair (someitmes dyed blonde) is tied back into a tight ponytail (known as a Croydon facelift) and she carries an oversized handbag.The Chav subculture is often stereotyped as being associated with anti social behaviour and ASBOs.Moshers were the chav's main rivals in the early 2000s and like them mostly came from working class (occasionally middle class) backgrounds.This British fashion has many similarities to the casuals, a football fan subculture that first appeared in the 1980s.

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Other names for them include Skeets (Newfoundland), Neds (Scotland), Spides (Northern Ireland), Gurriers (Dublin), Lads, Rats, Station Rats or Bogans (Australia), Dres (Poland) and wiggers (US).

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