Dating email inbox ru 2016 aduli sites dating

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Dating email inbox ru 2016

They ask women to give them their data and receive for them money transfers, giving women some money for their trouble.

The women are not aware of the essence of the correspondence, and never see the letters.

Most "writers" are male students of the local university, department of foreign languages.

According to our information, there are many scam groups in Yoshkar-Ola that are using photos of young women and write letters to men pretending to be "a Russian woman seeking for a husband".

She spoke about her grandmother living nearby, an aunt in Moscow working for KLM that could get tickets and an agency that would do all the visa application work.

She also said a girl friend had just gone to the United States so she, "Oksana", was familiar with the procedures to do the business at her end.

Foreign men are requested money for "visa and tickets" for the "girl" to come to USA (or another country).

Then she replied with an urgent request for money for an airline ticket. So I paid 0 for a hard lesson in the reality of Russian woman and she lost the opportunity to have my love - we both lost, but I got the better deal *L*.

Maksimova Ksenia Mihailovna also uses the name Oksana Maksimova.

"Oksana", or someone claiming to be her even telephoned me.

Using poor English she seemed to be prompted what to say. The letters from her were said to be via software translation.

She did not give me her phone number, she said she does not have a phone at home. She said she lived with her mother since the father left them at age 3.

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Also after proclaiming her love to me in several emails, including poetry, she was very insistent that the money come right away. She said she had instructed her aunt in Moscow buy tickets.

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