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I would never put someone at risk unknowingly, and it seems that neither would you. I took some time on my own to prepare how I was going to tell him: this is really important and will help you feel more comfortable opening up and help prevent confusion on their part.I did ask her and she just said she trusted me and the fact that I was open with her about it before anything had happened and that I told her I didn't want her going down on me meant that I cared about her health and her in general. Hi brendonpm, I just want to add my voice to those saying that HPV doesn't have to put an end to your dating life.

The universe had a different plan, and I met someone about a month ago that I really click with.I was worried about telling him about the HPV, but I knew that it was something I had to do.Hi All, I've had HPV for about 4 years, it pretty much consumes my life and I'm not entirely sure how to deal with it.I don't think it's the virus itself that worries me, more the fact that I feel like I have no chance of ever having a meaningful relationship, I'm 32 and have no children, and this she had it, which is disappointing but understandable I guess.My girlfriend doesn't give a crap about me having HPV! Talking down about it so negatively like that gives STDs the stigma they have... Feel how you feel, but writing like these are facts and not opinions isn't okay. She didn't care at all, I just told her not to go down on me and wash her hands after.

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I think I was freaking out more about the HPV than she was.