Dating in your late twenties

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Dating in your late twenties

And automobiles stopped being referred to as "horseless carriages" mainly used for Sunday rides and became a wanted everyday commodity, ´pretty much helped by its wartime use, the same for "flying machines" and "air balloons" (unfortunately, one of the two would have a tragic end in mainstream terms in the late 30s). Bobbed hair had actually emerged earlier, around 1915, and was popularized during the late 1910s out of convenience during the war, as well as through the earlier 1920s.Hemlines gradually rose from ankle to calf-length during the First World War and to knee-length by 1925.Characters include gangsters and G-men, flappers and their "sheiks" (sort of proto-metrosexual young males), languid white movie idols and jolly black jazz singers and dancers, and lots of cheery collegiate types who wear huge fur coats, straw hats and wide "Oxford bags" (flared trousers) and play ukuleles while dancing the Charleston and shouting "23 skidoo!There were plenty of additional opportunities for employing that style in the many new consumer appliances that came on the market.Electric refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, fans, toasters, phonographs, radios and other gadgets were sold by the millions, with installment plans allowing more people than ever to buy them.When coffee and movie tickets cost a dime, trolley rides cost a nickel (the same as hot dogs or hamburgers), newspapers cost two cents...

"The era of wonderful nonsense", as conservative newspaper columnist Westbrook Pegler later termed it.A dizzy, giddy time of petting parties, bootleg gin, jazz, and flappers.The setting of many an Agatha Christie mystery, this is one era that absolutely lives up to the stereotypes and then some.The Great War was over, (most of) the Western world had never been so prosperous — time to par-, all minimalist lines and coolly fluid shapes.Hosiery and high heels were on display, and younger women sometimes rolled down the tops of their stockings and applied rouge to their knees.

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Despite those costumes you buy these days, most dresses were not fringed or figure-hugging, and above-the-knee hemlines were nonexistent for grown women at any time.

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