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Hell, Robby and Grant’s Bumble accounts are active right now. You don’t see them writing diatribes talking about start dates, auto renewals, etc.” Online’s story about Jordan “is false,” but, for some reason, deleted her tweet shortly after posting it on Wednesday are wondering why Rodgers is going out of his way to defend himself and is this a sign that he is the winner of Jo Jo Fletcher’s final rose?Is it possible that by making a big deal about the negative media coverage that Jordan spoiled the outcome of the season? (By this theorem I have been in a happy and loving relationship with Edward Norton for the past three years.), clears up those rumors (not the ones about me and the former Hulk) in, to be honest, a very roundabout way."It’s the world we live in," Jordan says of the rumors that come with his increasing profile. Anyway, apparently some people did think that they were dating, because they once walked near each other.

People can like one another, not necessarily from the same history or culture or whatever the f--k it is. "Okay so Jordan doesn't exactly say he's not dating Kendall Jenner. As for any other ladies in Jordan's life, they're everywhere... In your heart of hearts you and me and everyone we know knows it. Here’s what Jordan had to say about the rumors, including what he states is proof that he’s in the clear, and some thoughts on why he may have given away the biggest moment of the , a source that uses the Raya dating app “spotted Rodgers while seeking eligible bachelors” and took a screenshot (above) after noting his profile was active.Apparently, Jordan didn’t take too kindly to the shout-out about his dating membership and started ranting on Twitter with what he says is proof that he stopped using the app when he started filming the show. Acct inactive since Feb + completely cancelled exact min phone was returned 2 me in May- Fact check,” Jordan tweeted to Jordan certainly is making a big deal out of this, something Reality Steve states may prove that the spoilers are correct and Jordan is indeed engaged to Jo Jo Fletcher.contestant Jordan Rodgers is a clear frontrunner this season, but cheating allegations brought forth by former girlfriends and a new report that he is currently active on the Raya dating app has viewers wondering if he came on the show to find love or to further his career.

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Less than 24-hours after revealed that Jordan is active on the the membership-based dating app, the former pro-football player took to his social media accounts to set the record straight about what he calls “false” stories.