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Dating seiko watches calculator

The pace of digital technology advancements in the 1970s was truly astounding.From the very digital wristwatch in 1972 which displayed only the time, it was just 5 years until multi-function digital calculator watches were released.Calculator watches were the hot new item for a short period in history from early 1976 to about 1978.The very first calculator watch was the Pulsar model 901, which was released right before Christmas 1975 for the astounding price of 50.Released in 1978, model C153 was Seiko's very first calculator watch and it's astounding that they got pretty much everything right from the start.The Seiko C153 has an 8 digit calculator display which is located above the main time display and doubles as the date and seconds display when the watch is not in calculator mode.

The bottom button is used to activate the backlight and the top button is used only when setting the watch.To set the watch, pull out the middle button (which is a little confusing until you know the trick).It had an 18 kt gold case and it was rumoured that President Ford wanted one but that Betty vetoed the idea.A year later, Pulsar introduced a more affordable stainless steel version for "only" 0.To enter calculator mode, press the middle button on the right side.

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The calculator features addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using floating point arithmetic along with a square root function and memory recall.

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