Dealing with ex spouse dating

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Dealing with ex spouse dating

Highlighted by their perceived anomaly, these “human” urges quickly become an easy means of manipulating their peers, further allowing them to conceal their motives and behavioral drives.You do something nice, once, to earn loyalty, and then you harken back to it every time you screw your victim, so they feel you are loyal, and you aren’t screwing them purposely.It’s very difficult to read a person easily, when they probably can’t read themselves.Their ability to manipulate is enhanced because they see others around them who are so different – people bound by human urges the Narcissist views as patently ridiculous.As a result, they ended up conditioned from their earliest years, like a child prodigy, to never allow anyone to know what they are, or how they think.Combined with their neural wiring, designed to believe whatever makes them feel good, they ended up being like evil secret agents who believed their own noble cover.

In your mind, “Why would he screw me when we have a loyal relationship, and I would go to bat for him?

I find I’m getting regular private messages now from people who see a Narcissist in their lives, and want to know where to go, and what to read, to figure out how to deal with them.

It has made me realize, this site may give excellent info on how to deal with Narcissists in the political world, and in public debate within that world, but terrible info on how to deal with them in the personal world.

” As young Narcissists, these individuals will have been molded relentlessly by these circumstances, to be Mozarts of the Machiavellian world, playing the people around them like fine musical instruments.

They quickly realized they needed to pretend to be normal, and they did.

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Every time they transgressed as a child, by letting their real personality out, they were punished with ostracization.

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