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With many sports programs in a huge amount of trouble, due to extremes of tolerance to gain money for programs, it seems the problems never end. State hosted an obvious Pedophile and a system of corruption to cover it up.The legendary head coach soon dies of a heart attack, and problems get worse.So, Jennings was going to sue UT and another coach named Bud Ford was going to sue UT, in these lastest UT mishaps.So, with the media propaganda hounds missing now, the dirt is appearing.Sounding too much like a physical assault to some, and with one athlete's remark that I thought she was going to kill me, that is too much coersion to get performance out of the BB team.

These days, it seems Summit has good days and bad, and that she can't really drive around anymore on her own. Is Pat Summit really due the legend assigned to her, or is what people see more the media hype from persons, like Debby Jennings, that left off the dirty side of UT atletics?

It turns out that Pat Summit was a good bit over the top in her coaching methods, by pushing athletes up against the wall and pushing her knee in their belly to ream them out.

Jennings went down shortly after for some E-mails she wrote that appeared to blame AD Dave Hart for wanting UT to distance from Summit.

It appears that big blazon on the UT court calling it "The Summit" is past due to be sanded off the BB court.

Turns out that Summit had the Dimentia issue problem for some time and kept loosing her car keys and accusing everyone of taking them.

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But, with cameras catching her total loss of concentration on the court, the end of a career was obvious.