Gay guys guide to dating

Posted by / 25-Aug-2015 07:45

When you’re an LGBT student in college, you might feel like you have fewer options for finding a date compared to your heterosexual classmates.

It’s true that there are certainly a few more challenges for dating within the LGBT community in college.

The pay-off is worth it, though: these establishments are great places to not only meet potential matches – they also make a great location for a date. Go Online You can also put your dating life on the fast track with the help of online dating services.

Whatever the case may be, don’t let those obstacles discourage you. The following are five ways for LGBT college students to improve their options on the dating scene. Join Advocacy Groups One of the quickest and easiest ways to meet other LGBT students on campus is to join an advocacy group.

Most colleges today have a Gay-Straight Alliance club, Gay Rights Advocacy Group or other student group that deals with LGBT issues.

Check out which clubs your college has to offer and consider signing up.

Some of the challenges with LGBT dating in college may have to do with the school you attend or the place where your college is located.For example, what if your school has a very small LGBT student population?What if you attend school in a small town with no gay bars?Meanwhile, students may also have to deal with prejudices or judgments from their classmates.One of the major challenges for some students is having a small LGBT student population at their school.

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For example, even at a liberal-leaning school like Rice University, less than 14% of students identify as something other than heterosexual (homosexual, bisexual, etc.).