Great expectations dating portland

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Great expectations dating portland

Easy, versatile, reheats well, only requires turning on the oven for a few minutes.

This particular pizza draws inspiration from one I sampled at my local Whole Foods Market a few months ago – a Korean-inspired pizza that they were offering as a special for just one day but that I sometimes not-so-subtly suggest they to add to the menu permanently.

I like to cook things like zucchini soufflé and homemade pasta with fresh-from-the-garden tomato sauce and finish it all off with some kind of crackle-topped crème brulée.

I admit, I get my kicks on fussy homemade food, it makes me smiley.

That was the case for me last week when I found myself with a to do list a mile long that included such items as pack house, consign old jewelry and once-loved designer purses from an early-twenties phase when you cared about things like designer purses, fix all four of your broken fences, find renters for your house, do two months’ worth of advanced blog photography and recipe development (that one’s actually laughable), clean and prep for going away party, and fight that nasty cold you can’t seem to shake.

Oh, and while you’re at it, repair the plumbing that just flooded half your basement.

But soufflé for forty seemed unreasonable at best, impossible at worst.

And after many moments spent worrying, exhausted to the point of what felt like and probably kind of was delirium, I treated myself to a massage and settled on pizza. Pizza is basically every single overwhelmed back-to-school parent and work-too-hard-at-a-job-that-pays-little twenty-something and girl-on-the-verge-of-a-breakdown-cause-she’s-moving-onto-a-boat’s panacea.

Here, I use fresh Whole Foods Market dough, pre-marinated Korean short ribs, and a garlic white sauce that’s sweet from a touch of honey and spicy from a dollop of gochujang.

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Once cooked, it’s finished with a handful of thin-sliced scallions and a bunch of bright cilantro leaves.

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