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Hardison and parker dating

But after taking some time by herself, getting her career back off the ground, she has now found a new love and actually made it official by announcing him to the public.

He is a very well known actor himself, he goes by the name Darrin Henson.

A friend of Parker's whom she met while on jury duty, Peggy is the only person outside of the team whom Parker regularly talks to.

Appears in "The 12-Step Job" and "The Boys' Night Out Job." Played by Drew Powell.

That was one of Chante Moore’s relationships that everyone thought was going to last, but didn’t.

She was in another marriage with a very well known actor Kadeem Hardison.

He proves to be an alright guy underneath everything, and returns in a later episode.

Which is ironic since it seemed his chemistry with Jasmine Guy would have made something pop off there. Since Sophie returned, the two women have been meeting off-screen, but did not work together due to their clashing styles. Two FBI agents Leverage Consulting & Associates tends to come across from time to time.It is no secret that Miss Chante Moore has had a few relationships/marriages in the past that did not last ‘unfortunately’.Chante was married to the very well known singer Kenny Lattimore; the father of her son and now ex-husband. Played, respectively, by Rick Overton and Gerald Downey.

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They're not aware of the Leverage group, however, as they believe that Parker and Hardison are FBI superiors.

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