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Williams issued a statement wishing them success before Farro posted his thoughts.‘It sucked – not only was a lot of what he wrote untrue but I couldn’t go online and say that,’ says Williams.‘I’d look like a 14-year-old writing bullet points rebutting everything he said – it would have been immature and ridiculous for us to put the people who follow our band through that. A lot of people will believe that stuff but the people who like our music will still come to the shows. Maybe he bad mouthed a Kardashian instead of kissing their rings.He could have caused a lot of damage to a lot of people. should remember that and have given him a second chance.

I think they chose what he did as an excuse to get rid of him and his salary and find someone they like more.Like many young teenagers, Hayley Okines is obsessed with pop star Justin Bieber, messaging her friends on Twitter and going shopping. Hayley has progeria, which means her body ages eight times quicker than normal.'The internet has opened up a whole new world for Hayley, who loves the social-networking site Twitter.It was thanks to her Twitter followers that she achieved a lifelong dream of meeting the pop singer Justin Bieber.So, earlier this week, Ted Casablanca signed off from E! That is a really long time to be writing a gossip column. Over the past three weeks he has not really been there and after that long away, the move was not unexpected. It didn't turn out well, and I don't think ted did anything on purpose.

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I think Ted deserves a lot of credit for the blind item. He made every column his own with that crazy language of his that only a Variety subscriber can truly appreciate. The rumor is that Ted was suspended while the bosses decided what to do.