Hibernate onetomany not updating

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Hibernate onetomany not updating

In this post we will see a project using Spring framework with the following modules: Spring MVC, Spring Data e Spring Security.We will see how to do internationalization (i18n) with Spring MVC and templates with Tiles framework.Hibernate provides the following ways to get objects out of the database: ■ Navigating the object graph, starting from an already loaded object, by accessing the associated objects through property accessor methods such as a Address()City(), and so on.I will be using linux as my operational system (OS), but almost nothing will change if you use Windows or other OS.I received a lot of emails asking for a post using Spring in a full web application, all the applications already posted here were using JEE technology (JSF, EJB, JPA).

Postgre will be the database used here, but if you want use it with My SQL just add the My SQL jar to the project and change some configuration.In this post will be displayed both Postgre and My SQL configurations. Today we will see how to create a complete Java web application using Spring, Angular, JQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, Tiles, Maven, Tomcat, JPA/Hibernate.The project that will be done here in this post will be used in another post that I will write, because of this future post, in this post will be described a detailed environment configuration.What we will see in here: Page 02: Environment Setup Page 03: Creating the project Page 04: Understanding the “pom.xml”, “log4j.xml” and the “context.xml” files Page 05: Creating the Spring and the project XMLs Page 06: Tiles – Page templates Page 07: Project Model Classes Page 08: Using Spring Data as Repository (DAO); creating User Service Page 09: Using Spring Data as Repository (DAO); creating Contact Service Page 10: Creating the Controllers Page 11: Using Restful approach with Spring MVC Page 12: Understanding the Login, Spring MVC Interceptor and the Security Rules Page 13: First Contact with and the Spring MVC Page 14: Using bind in a HTML table Page 15: Internationalization (i18n) with Spring Page 16: Understanding the Twitter Bootstrap role Page 17: Running the project Let us get started!

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In this topic, we’ll show you how to retrieve objects from the database and how you can optimize the loading of object networks when you navigate from object to object in your application.

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