Jason biggs dating

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Jason biggs dating

PRESS: Piper knew Polly, so that piece of information makes me go, “Huh. Talk a little bit about how you see Alex and what kind of person you think she is. It’s this constant power struggle between the two of them. No, they’re like very supportive and loyal and [Jason’s] just like, “Like, what are you doing? [] I woke up the other day, there was a fan in my bedroom watching me sleep. Today, we continue with the pairing of Laura Prepon, who plays Alex Vause, former girlfriend of Taylor Schilling‘s Piper Chapman and the reason Piper finds herself with a 15-month sentence in a women’s prison. Coincidentally, Alex is also relegated to the same prison, creating all manner of tension – sexual and otherwise — in Season 1. Due to a prior conflict, Prepon, who portrays Alex with self-serving, bad girl gusto, had to sit out much of Season 2, but is reportedly back, full force, in Season 3, now in production. Jason Biggs plays Piper’s neurotic and (initially) uber-supportive fiancé Larry Bloom. In Season 2, Larry betray Piper by embarking on an affair with her best friend, new mother Polly Harper (Maria Dizzia).

was invited to participate with journalists from other print and online publications.

On the cusp of tonight’s Emmys, we thought we’d offer up highlights from the interview sessions in our traditional Q&A format. I mean, yes, there are a lot of women who like to tell me nice things.

PRESS: Your character is becoming a dad on the series, he’s in a relationship. So doing those Polly/Larry scenes, if anything, got me even more excited and ready. He’s four months, so now when he smiles, I know it’s not just him shitting himself. But the thing about the show is that we’re criminals, we all do messed up things.

Have you found any parallels between what was happening to your character and Piper’s friend Polly, and what’s actually happening in your life? It’s funny because I feel like Larry was just a little bit ahead of me. Jenny was pregnant at the time when we did Season 2, so I was sort of chomping at the bit, you know? I know he’s actually smiling at me and I’m really forging this connection with him. But the other thing I was expecting was that the kid was going to be born, and I was going to have straight up — you guys don’t want to talk about this anymore, do you? BIGGS: I was going to have straight up tunnel vision. And it’s definitely a shocker in terms of the storyline. ” So that made me go, “Huh, I wonder if there is something interesting there,” but I don’t know. I think he’s just really out of sorts and really hurt and is trying to do everything he can to sort of put up this wall and protect himself, and Polly, I think, is part of that. What’s so great about these characters is that they’re all humanized, and you care about them and root for them.

All of those scenes where [Polly’s] having leaky breasts, I was like, “This is interesting. PRESS: ] I’m going to be perfectly honest, and I think guys are lying if they don’t tell you this. Because I was so ready to be a dad, I was like, it’s going to change my life, I can’t wait for all my other bullshit to go away — the kid’s going to be born and all my other problems are going to go away and I can’t fucking wait for that moment to happen. PREPON: [ had all my other fucking problems and I felt guilty for it. ” Like I was expecting all these other things to go away, but I’m still thinking about them even though the kid’s here. And it’s like no, your life doesn’t go away, you just have to reprioritize everything. But at the same time, I think Larry is a tough character to write for. I’ll be curious to see what the future has in store for me and the show. But I also just think Larry, at this point, is really kind of out for revenge. PRESS: Laura, your character was not in Season 2 as much. And she’s complicated, because you wonder, is she a good person? But the one thing about her is that she’s genuine and authentic. And I love characters that are flawed and when they make a decision, you’re like, “I don’t know how to feel about that, I don’t know what to think about this right now.” PRESS: PREPON: The thing that’s so interesting about Alex and Piper is that they totally love each other, but they also look out for themselves. It’s this weird kind of relationship that keeps shifting.

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