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Msword not updating pictures

The USDA and CDFA nevertheless went into battle against the LBAM, setting traps throughout California, and in 2007 hosed down neighborhoods in Oakley and Napa with pesticides, followed by toxic twist ties in several more neighborhoods, and aerial spraying over Monterey and Santa Cruz.

Even though hundreds of people reported getting ill from the spraying, and hundreds of birds died immediately afterwards, the CDFA declared that the illnesses and deaths were coincidental, and that the trapping, twist ties and aerial spraying, and other pesticide methods would continue and be expanded to the larger Bay Area and any other area where an LBAM is found.

Unidentified Inert Ingredients in Pesticides: Implications for Human and Environmental Health - Cox and Surgan (pdf) While government agencies and pesticide manufacturers downplay the importance of synergism, this essay, by a teen who homeschools, illustrates that understanding synergistic effects of chemicals does not require a Ph. Even though all of the pesticides contain synthetic ingredients, several of them are "approved" by the U. Department of Agriculture, National Organics Program, and the Organic Materials Review Institute for use in organic agriculture, further diluting organic standards.

So-called "pheromone" pesticides are synthetic chemicals designed to be constantly present in the environment, regardless of application method.

DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE: Light Brown Apple Moths are NO THREAT! Organic Farmers, Healthcare Workers, Organized Labor, Direct Action and other Activists, the Chemically-Injured, and other Concerned People contact us [email protected] 10, 2008 - Ecology Center (Berkeley) Agroecology professor Miguel Altieri, biodynamic farmers Rob Schultz and Ames Morrison, Albany mayor & registered nurse Robert Lieber, geriatrics nurse John Davis June 5, 2008 - Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists (Berkeley) UCSC Arboretum director Daniel Harder, biologist David Theodoropoulos, pesticide-injured Caltrans workers, Connie Barker of Environmental Health Network About the Pesticides Impact on Health and Environment So Far How to Prepare What To Do If Sickened When and Where Will It Happen Keeping Informed What's the Emergency The Pushers of the Pesticide Program Groups Organzing Against the Program Upcoming Actions and Events Organizing Tools & Resources Resolutions and Official Letters Legislation Legal Action Environmental Impact Reporting Petition to Reclassify LBAM Safe Alternatives According to the U. and California Departments of Agriculture (USDA, CDFA), the light brown apple moth (LBAM) is a threat to agriculture, our ecosystem, and the economy, even though it has caused no actual damage.

LBAM Eradication Program: Potential Effects on Pollinators and Implications for California Agriculture (pdf) All of these pesticides contain "inert" ingredients, which are kept undisclosed, protected as "proprietary" by trade secret laws, are frequently even more toxic than the "active" ingredients listed on the label, and are specifically designed to interact synergistically to achieve greater toxicity than each chemical by itself.The idea behind this is to saturate the area with so much pheromone that it is impossible for the male moth to find a female. Applications of pheromone can occur in a variety of ways." The "LBAM pheromone" is a new, synthetic chemical, and classified as a pesticide.As of January 1, 2010, the Department of Pesticide Regulation lists LBAM pheromone products on the list of pesticide products prohibited from use in schools and child care facilities (Note that these rules change periodically, and should not be taken for granted - this prohibition is current as of late February 2010).Both the industry and government agencies describe this process as "saturating" areas where the chemicals are used.See for example: USDA's Environmental Assessment of the LBAM Program, July 18, 2007 "Pheromones may be used in mating disruption.

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CDPR List of Pesticide Products Prohibited from Use in Schools and Child Care Facilities USDA quarantine exemption request (pdf) Request to use a new chemical -- (E, E)-9,11-Tetradecadien 1-yl Acetate --which at that time was not tested, nor was it registered by the EPA.