Oblivion goranga dating

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Oblivion goranga dating

And if you happen to run across a narrator like Abbas Bhai, then the histories becomes fascinating story.

History says he died as a result of a gunshot in the battle of Giria fighting against Alibardi Khan. ” Abbas Bhai looked at me quizzically with eyes glowing. I look at him and say “I have no idea.” “He died because of lightning struck him down in the battle field.

That is what the local legend says” Said Abbas Bhai in a dramatic manner.

Then I turned to my guide Abbas Bhai, a middle-aged Muslim gentleman clad in a sherwani.

“I have seen old brick mosques having their domes broken. Despite the fact my hotel was close to Hazarduari Museum, I decided to start my tour with this dilapidated structure. It was an unfinished work, a failed mission of Sarfaraz Khan – the grandson of Murshid Quli Khan.

Surrounded by Trees, thatched huts and a pond the 135 feet long structure looked like a sick giant counting its last days. He was not at all clever or farsighted like his Grandfather.

Actually after the death of Nawab, the construction work was stopped due to lack of funds.Thus the excuse of lightning damaging the roof originated.“It is said lighting struck this mosque almost the same time he died.That created a big crack in the dome and the work was abandoned.” He lowered his voice and said “Do not believe those rumors that the mosque was constructed in one day.And the descendants of the Nawab made the story of one day wonder to glorify him.” Abbas Bhai chuckled at his own story.

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Murshidabad is full of such ancient mansions, each having its own history.

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