Orthodox jewish dating beshert

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Orthodox jewish dating beshert

On the third day of boot camp, we were sitting in formation when a mean drill instructor (they are all mean) approached the platoon and barked, "All my Jews, stand up!

" I thought to myself, "Here we go -- the persecution of the Jews is about to begin." Out of 87 recruits, I was the only one to stand up.

I was born in Kiev, Ukraine, and in 1976, when I was five, my parents, sister and I immigrated to Seattle.

military there are about 50 Orthodox Jews -- and I am one of them.

" He introduced himself as Major Goldberg or some similar Jewish name, and explained that only one in a thousand Marines is Jewish.

He then invited me to attend Friday night services at the nearby Navy chapel. I went on to serve overseas, in exotic locations like Okinawa, Korea, the Philippines and Bangladesh.

During the first Gulf War, I was deployed for seven months on a Navy ship in the Middle East.

I grew up mostly not observant, but maintained some connection to Judaism during the summers when I would attend a Chabad day camp.

He ordered me to report to a Major standing off in the distance, which I nervously did.I saluted and said, "Sir, Private Ekshtut reporting as ordered, Sir!The typical Jewish reaction was: "What's a nice Jewish boy doing in the Marines?" My parents, who escaped the USSR to keep me from having to serve in the Soviet military, thought I was crazy. On February 8, 1989, four days after my 18th birthday, I shipped off to Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego." I will never forget the first thing he said to me.

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"Do you know that you are one tenth of one percent of all of Marines in the Marine Corps?