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A fixer-upper is a real-estate term for a purchased property which will require maintenance work such as renovation,reconstruction, redecoration or redesigning although some houses can be lived in as it is.The fixer-uppers are popular with home buyers or homeowners, who wish to raise the potential price value for their property to get a return on investment, a practice known as flipping, or as a starter home for buyers on a budget.Various reality television show’s subject is about fixer-uppers or flipping of rundown houses such as: 1) Fixer Upper Fixer Upper is an HGTV TV show starred by couple, Chip and Joanna Gaines, based in Waco, Texas where they lived for more than ten years, and formerly owned Magnolia shop and now runs Magnolia Homes.The Fixer Upper reality television show, was first aired in 2014 and has been signed on for a second season.

Television shows about Home-improvement to solicit customers about do-it-yourself (DIY) renovation techniques which have made fixer-uppers more popular.However, during a downturn on real-estate business, with newly homes built available at depressed prices, there is often reduced interest.Chip Gaines met Joanna Stevens after they both graduated from Baylor University, fate played a role in bringing them together as their love for remodeling and flipping houses.Chip and Joanna Gaines purchased, gutted and renovated their first building together, shortly after their wedding in 2003, and Joanna opened a home accessory store called Magnolia Market.After eight years of being married, the couple found an amazing way to balance having four children, Drake age 6, Ella Rose (5), Duke (3) and Emmie Kay (2), while growing their business to include a real estate company, construction company, design firm and residential subdivision, known as Magnolia Villas, while Chip continued working in real estate by buying, renovating, and selling homes to the Baylor market.

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After a few years, Chip’s experience with real estate and Joanna’s eye for design eventually merged into Magnolia Homes company, which was created as a creative compilation of construction with a heavy emphasis on quality and unique design, and also offers residential and commercial remodeling,design, and new home construction.

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