Perl script for updating ip in dns asia dating 100 penpals

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Perl script for updating ip in dns

In most cases, things are the way they are on purpose (but feel free to search the qmail list archives for the reasons why).

These patches all work on netqmail, which you should be using anyway.

Some people feel that qmail has certain shortcomings (like non-conformance to RFCs) and either like complaining or have found a solution, or have developed patches to fix the problem.

Trust me, the issues have been hashed over again and again and again on the qmail mailing list, and the current state of things seems to keep the most people happy.

It is the general consensus that the more patches you use, the more likely there are to be bugs that crop up and conflicts between patches.

To avoid this hassle, use this patch, written by Russel Nelson, to reject such relay attempts.While vanilla qmail is as cool and unbreachable as ever, netqmail is a convenient packaging of some of the patches that have cropped up as being very important.It is not officially the same thing as qmail, but is a convenience packaging of qmail. One final note, some of these patches conflict (or seem to), and resolving them takes a little bit of knowledge of C. Unfortunately, qmail doesn't reject all of these attempts out of hand, but instead accepts them and generates a bounce message.This patch precludes using the percent hack, but you shouldn't be allowing that anyway so it's no big loss. I have installed them for reasons I explain below, which are not necessarily reasons that matter to everyone.

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