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Qube a quick algorithm for updating betweenness centrality

We propose a technique to update betweenness centrality of a graph when nodes are added or deleted.Our algorithm experimentally speeds up the calculation of betweenness centrality (after updation) from 7 to 412 times, for real graphs, in comparison to the currently best known technique to find betweenness centrality.In the present work, we propose a method to estimate the degree centrality ranking of a node without having complete structure of the graph.The proposed algorithm uses degree of a node and power law exponent of the degree distribution to calculate the ranking.Betweenness centrality is a centrality measure that is widely used, with applications across several disciplines.It is a measure which quantifies the importance of a vertex based on its occurrence in shortest paths between all possible pairs of vertices in a graph.

ABSTRACT: Complex networks have gained more attention from the last few years.

We also study simulation results on Barabasi-Albert model.

Simulation results show that the average error in the estimated ranking is approximately \%$ of the total number of nodes.

The size of the real world complex networks, such as online social networks, WWW networks, collaboration networks, is exponentially increasing with time.

It is not feasible to completely collect, store and process these networks.

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ABSTRACT: Betweenness is a well-known centrality measure that ranks the nodes of a network according to their participation in shortest paths.