Queued updating replication

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Queued updating replication

Replication Monitor has two panes: the left pane shows you the list of publishers and any associated publications; the right pane displays the status of each subscription to the selected server’s publications.If you don’t see a publisher that you want to monitor, you can right-click the My Publishers node and choose Add.This article shows you how to monitor and troubleshoot replication issues.Replication monitoring has the following goals: Microsoft did an excellent job of addressing these monitoring needs with SQL Server 2005; the new suite of tools enables you to perform all this functionality with relative ease.Being an essential and excellent tool for troubleshooting replication, I hope this minor issue with Replication Monitor will be corrected soon.

In this hands-on article, Baya Pavliashvili discusses ways in which the replication monitoring tools have improved significantly with SQL Server 2005, as compared with previous releases.

Doing so will open a dialog box that enables you to create a new monitoring group, and add or remove SQL Server or Oracle publishers (as shown in the following figure).

The first two articles in this series taught you how to set up and maintain transactional replication with SQL Server 2005.

The latest release of SQL Server introduced numerous enhancements to replication, and monitoring tools have changed quite a bit.

In previous releases of software, Replication Monitor ran in the same window as Enterprise Manager; with SQL Server 2005, Replication Monitor runs in a separate window.

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I have to warn you that Replication Monitor window sometimes takes awhile to activate, particularly on slow servers with much processing activity.

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