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Redeyedating com

Morrison interviewed 1,612 adults in the UK through an...(Shelbie Lynn Bostedt)It’s a weird time to be alive. We record our most inane experiences for the world to see (nice coffee foam pic, by the way).Studies show that even a few minutes of gratitude check-ins can considerably help your mood.Breaking up is hard to do; breaking up in the social media age is even worse.In a recently published study, Lindy Morrison of the British Psychological Society found that "online abuse" between ex-partners is alive and well and mean as hell. I’m confused because I think he's not over his ex-girlfriend. I have told him that I get jealous seeing all the pictures of him and his exes. He keeps on saying that it’s nothing, it’s just memories. We haven’t talked in years, and I’ve filtered her out of my feed almost entirely, but I can’t bring myself to delete her outright.

But even if you did convince your dude to delete every photo of his exes (and I do not recommend you try), it would not delete the fact that he has a past. This is what you have to come to terms with, not the fact that he has photos of his exes on Facebook, which, by the way, you should stop looking at. It’s because you are awesome and 1,000 times better than some pixelated photos on the internet.No one is forcing you to analyze his ex’s duck-lips-and-peace-sign poses. Remember also that what we see on social media isn’t “reality.” It’s a composed, distorted and polished version of people’s lives.So save yourself the torture and stop looking at them. Trust him when he says “It’s nothing” and “It’s just memories.” It might be a different story if he were, you know, going on dates with his ex. No one is like, “I just drank wine out of a measuring cup because I’m too lazy to wash a dish. ” It’s tempting to compare our lives to the ones we see depicted on social media, but it’s smart to remember that what we see on FB is not the whole story—far from it.He has a past and you have a past, but don’t let that make you doubt your self-worth. When you find yourself starting to feel envy about his exes, consciously stop and focus instead on what you’re grateful for in your own life.Maybe it’s masochism or simple curiosity, but I find that once I care about someone deeply, I want to know how they are.

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To keep them in my life, even if it’s from the relative safety of my computer screen.