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It is evident that such divisions are on the rise as we become pickier and pickier.Did you know that "biblical" dating now means that one should only date those of the Reformed persuasion? However, I cannot seem to find any statements by any well-known leader that are derogatory towards the Calvinists. I want to do a post in which I slap both Arminians and Calvinists upside the head for arrogance.

Because I hold an MBA, I often look at Christian ventures from the money angle.

Perhaps some of our Reformed readers (or anyone for that matter) could help us find about 4- 5 quotes that imply that the Calvinist is "not up to snuff" for what they believe.

I would prefer quotes from current leaders but, if none are forthcoming, I will consider some from history.

It appears that the people behind a new website think there is money to be had in finding mates for Calvinist singles.

For example, neither one us adheres to premillenial eschatology although we both did when we married.

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I challenge our readers to think back to their beliefs when they were in their 20s.