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Robin admitted that she was emotional when she approached the interview, not really knowing what to expect — until she saw her friend.“Pat greeted me with a big hug and an invitation to stay for dinner after the interview.That’s Pat.”I love these two women so much that my heart may explode during the interview. Tonight on, ABC’s Robin Roberts, brings us the first sit-down interview with Coach Summitt about how she is contending with dementia.Robin has known the coach for more than 25 years and considers her a dear friend.The first time I saw Pat Summitt in person was when the Lady Vols came to Ft. The place was packed, as all Tennessee WBB games are. A few months ago, when Pat announced her Alzheimer’s-related dementia diagnosis, the outpouring of support was phenomenal.Being short and sort of unassuming, I was able to sneak down to a spot right behind the UT bench. We heard from former players, staff, rivals, and more.When Robin heard Pat’s diagnosis, she was stunned.“I cried,” she said.

Because she has provided so many memories and the thought that she may be robbed of some of her memories was very painful.”Robin brings more than the perspective of a friend to the interview.The journalist battled major illness herself — she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007. My hero worship kicked into high gear — and I became almost as passionate about Pat Summitt as she is about basketball.All were stunned, but they knew that she would fight the disease with the same determination that has made her the best basketball coach in history.During treatment, Pat often called Robin to offer advice and support.

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“The way I approached cancer, a game plan, is exactly the way [Pat] is approaching this.”Here’s a preview of the interview.

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