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We met following a weekend that Beth was away with a group of couples and had had enough with 'the single life' and decided she would go on a date with 'the next half decent guy' that sent her a message on RSVP.

Since its launch on Valentines Day 1997, RSVP has grown from strength to strength to become the largest singles site in Australia, with over 1,200 new members joining every day.

More than just working 9 to 5 in a job you don’t love… More than just imagining the life you want but never actually creating it.

It’s like a craving for a deeper sense of It’s possible jump out of bed in the morning and look forward to your day.

9 years ago I decided to leave a corporate career paying 6 figures and became an unemployed Reiki Practitioner charging per session!

After struggling to find clients and get on top of my personal debts (7,000 worth) I discovered something that would forever change the course of my destiny.

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Ingleside (Sydney Northern Beaches) | Nov 9, Wed | 9am - pm Parramatta | Nov 10, Thu | 9am - pm Adelaide | Nov 12, Sat | 9am - pm Melbourne | Nov 13, Sun | 9am - pm Perth | Nov 15, Tue | 9am - pm Sydney | Nov 19, Sat | 9am - pm Brisbane | Nov 20, Sun | 9am - pm Gold Coast | Nov 22, Tue | 9am - pm Can't make these dates? I’m sure you’ve felt it…That nagging feeling that you were born for more than this.

a little something called “Un-transmuted Grandiosity”. It's the one thing you MUST learn if you are ever going to create the lifestyle and the difference you desire in life (more on that later).These days, the most common question I get, from thousands of Australians wanting to pursue their passion, is HOW?It’s possible to feel inspired, energized and change people’s lives.It’s possible to be free to create a happy & fulfilled life :)I know because I’ve felt all of these before….RSVP is a great place for singles to meet other singles; whether it's for friendship, to extend your social circle or dating.

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You can search through profiles, message other members, chat online or sign up to RSVP mobile to access the service from your mobile phone handset. Please note the logo cannot be resized or re-coloured.

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