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Sarah’s first post-”Scrubs” movie, “After the Reality,” which co-stars Matthew Morrison, will be released later this year.

Post-”Scrubs,” Sarah continued focusing on TV, with recurring roles in “Mad Love” and “Cougar Town.” She had a lead role in the quickly-cancelled “How To Live With Your Parents (For The Rest Of Your Life)” and has signed on for the pilot of the new Amazon TV series “Really,” which co-stars Selma Blair and Jay Chandrasekhar. Lawrence also said that Miller had "the world's cherriest gig" for an actress because she could wake up next to him, say she felt like working Thursday, and then Lawrence and the writers would write her into the script for that day.Her other post-”Scrubs” work includes guest roles in TV series including “Off The Map,” “Law and Order: SVU,” and “Happily Divorced,” as well as two movies, “Gun Hill Road” and “Without a Trace.” After appearing in a few TV guest roles and nabbing small roles in “Alex Cross” and “42,” John found TV success again with a lead role in “Ground Floor,” from “Scrubs” creator Bill Lawrence. As "Scrubs" still has a lasting fan base -- the writers would call their cult following "Our Nerds" -- The Huffington Post has gathered 11 things from old interviews that you didn't know about your favorite gang of doctors, and they'll make you want to yell, "Eagle! in school, mixed with the stories that came from the real-life Dr. The three seemed particularly annoyed with this soul-patched interviewer, so Braff was probably just joking. I’d been waiting tables when I got cast in 'Scrubs,' and I quit as a waiter only to be told we wouldn’t actually be filming for four months."Faison told a story about the three of them going to the Bahamas for his birthday, where they went swimming in the ocean. So I sat down for that time and hammered out the first draft.

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While they waded in the waves, they could look into the distance and see a lightning storm adding beautiful touches of light to the horizon. was as a guy with an empty 12-pack of beer on his head. At a talk at his alma mater in 2009, Lawrence said that the relationship between J. Then once 'Scrubs' started, I spent the next two years trying to get someone interested in making it.

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