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"Fett" is a German slang term for "excellent" and brot is slang for "hash".The band took the name from a fan who called them "Fettes Brot" after an early gig, which was probably meant as a compliment, but the members considered it so bizarre that they took it as the name for their new group.Fettes Brot's longevity has meant that they are sometimes referred to as "Hamburg's hip-hop-dinosaurs" by the group members.When the group Poets of Peeze disbanded in 1992, its members Dokter Renz (Martin Vandreier né Schrader) and Tobi Tobsen together with König (king) Boris (Boris Lauterbach), Schiffmeister (Björn Warns) and Mighty founded the band Fettes Brot.The single remained in the German charts for a full month but the band was determined not to let this initial commercial success become a one hit wonder.

Prior to Mitschnacker the songs Schwarzbrot- Weißbrot (Blackbread – Whitebread) and Schule der Gewalt (School of Violence) appeared on the sampler, Endzeit 93, released via the Independent record label Wilde Welt Records.

The narrated stories and interwoven raps were received very well.

The group's first commercial success first came with the single Nordisch by Nature ("Nordic by Nature") and the album from which the single comes.

The song begins with the sound of a foghorn and is performed in parts in "Hamburger Platt" (Hamburg Low) north German dialect, a strong Low German accent, and Danish (perhaps a paean to the Danish minority in the north German state of Schleswig-Holstein), which has made the song something of a anthem in Northern Germany.

At Billstedt you need to change back into the underground for the final part of the trip to the station “Steinfurther Allee”. For a map for your way by foot from the underground station “Steinfurther Allee” to the soccer hall, click here.

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