Seattle pi dating blog

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Seattle pi dating blog

“Real estate showed me that my success was dependent on building relationships, which are based on trust,” she explained.

“If you can build on trust, you can close the deal.

Soon after, she fell in love with a successful American real estate developer, whom she describes as “tall, blond and handsome.” The couple wed in 2000.

Sadly the marriage did not last, and they divorced several years later.“I’ve been through good and bad, dating and married and divorced, trying it all,” she admitted.

“As a result, it’s allowed me to have a compassion and understanding of where my clients are coming from.”Following the split with her husband, Andreeva found work selling upscale homes with Sotheby’s International Realty.

Working within the real estate market also influenced her matchmaking career.

“The extensive interview helps Mc Donald uncover information that allows her to match clients according to their character and prior relationships, rather than interests or hobbies.

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